Report an Incident or Concern

As Knights, we acknowledge that an inclusive learning community committed to academic and interpersonal success is the responsibility of all. There are many resources available to report instances when our community standards are not being met, or when you are concerned about the wellbeing of a fellow Knight.

AU Concern Form

This is used to send a concern directly to the AU CARE Team. When you see or hear something about a student that causes you to be concerned about the student's academic success, health, well-being, or safety, submit a form. A member of the AU CARE team will review and respond to the information within 24 hours. Reporters have the option of remaining anonymous, and the information shared is private, used solely to determine the best approach to address the student in distress and the concerning behavior. 


This team consists of Arcadia community members who meet to review reports of students that demonstrate concerning behaviors, collect additional information on those students, and determine an appropriate response and intervention plan. Members of the team include administrators from Campus Life, Counseling Services, the Learning Resource Network, Academic Success, Athletics, Public Safety, and Student Affairs.


Accessibility Concerns

Anyone can report an accessibility-related concern: is a door button not working? construction blocking accessible entrance to a building? issues with adaptive technology in the library? Complete the Accessibility Concern Form and the issue will be addressed.

Incident Reports

Incident Reports are generated by Public Safety and the Campus Life team to document incidents that occur on campus, or to capture information reported by students, faculty, and staff. This is the primary documentation that determines which office(s) will manage the follow-up of an incident and whether or not a policy violation allegedly occurred.  Information Reports are also used by hearing officers during administrative hearings. Students can contact a member of Campus Life or Public Safety to report an incident. Faculty and staff, contact Public Safety.

Bias Related Incidents

Arcadia University welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives from around the world, and believes that an inclusive and respectful environment enriches the University community and the educational and employment experience of its members. Arcadia's Non-Discrimination and Non-Harassment Policy provides a prompt, thorough, confidential, and respectful process for handling and investigating complaints of discrimination and/or harassment on the basis of several characteristics, including, but not limited to ethnicity, religion, gender identity or expression, age, or ability. The University provides ways to report discrimination or harassment on the basis of a Protected Characteristic. For additional information, visit the Office of Access, Equity Diversity, and Inclusion (AEDI)

Title IX Related Incidents

The Office of Equity and Civil Rights (OECR) is committed to promoting, supporting, and providing resources to sustain a living, learning, and working environment of diversity, equality, fairness, inclusion and respect where all members of the University community are involved. OECR is responsible for ensuring that the University complies with its own policies and procedures, and with federal, state, and local laws prohibiting discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct. The University provides ways to report sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.