Title III Strengthen Institutions Program (SIP) Grant

Arcadia will be producing a Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant Proposal in 2021.

Arcadia University is currently in the process of developing a Title III Strengthen Institutions Program (SIP) Grant.  The purpose of the SIP grant is to help institutions “to become self-sufficient and expand their capacity to serve low-income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the institution’s academic quality, institutional management, and financial stability.”  

As a part of this process, we will be requesting funding to improve students’ academic experience and ultimately promote student retention, graduation, and post-graduate outcomes. Although proposed activities do not need to be exclusively related to low-income students, they should be founded in evidence that the activity will have a positive impact on these students' educational success.

Since December, a Taskforce has worked to develop a proposal framework and identify areas in which external support would greatly impact Arcadia and the low income students it serves.  As a faculty or staff leader currently working in one of those substantive areas, we are asking for your assistance in developing a fundable initiative that will help to achieve these outcomes.  

General Charge: Develop a multi-year initiative to enhance students’ academic experience that:

  • Promotes student retention, degree completion, and/or post-graduation outcomes (e.g., job placement, additional education)
  • Uses strategies that have been proven in the literature and/or through Arcadia data and analysis.
  • Builds on existing work and activities, such as Acadia 2025 – Our Adaptive Strategy and Anti-Black Racism Initiative

Arcadia’s approach will rest in several key areas that the grant funding will expand and enhance:

  • Enhance the curriculum and pedagogy – Focus on DFW/Gateway Courses
  • Improve advising and mentoring – Sense of belonging
  • Revise and improve existing HIPs (Global, research/inquiry, and internships) – Make them more prevalent and more accessible
  • Maximize campus employment impact through professional development and skill/goal match
  • Identify and implement flexible practices needed for students to balance schoolwork with life and work commitments

2021 Calendar

Title III Process Dates
Eligibility announced April/May 2021
Development of working groups to provide focus on each of the identified areas April/May 2021
Development, drafting, and finalizing of Title III grant proposal May/June 2021
Submission Deadline July 13, 2021
Grant Awards announced Fall 2021