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Arcadia believes the best path for a safe return to full student and campus engagement in the fall is to maximize the percentage of our community members who are fully vaccinated. The University will require proof of COVID vaccination for all Arcadia students and employees on campus to participate in any on-site and in-person courses and activities once the FDA approves a COVID vaccine.

Upload Your Vaccine Record for Fall 2021 Semester

Students should upload their record to Arcadia’s Patient Portal (instructions on uploading are here).

Employees who are fully vaccinated are to upload their vaccine records to the iSolved platform (instructions can be found here for iSolved).

Given that FDA approval is expected at the end of this summer, we strongly encourage all eligible individuals to receive their final COVID vaccination and upload their records to the Patient Portal or iSolved (we have links to these) prior to the start of the fall semester. Arcadia will accept vaccines with full or emergency approval from the FDA (single dose of J&J vaccine or two doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines).

Once the FDA fully approves at least one COVID vaccine, students, faculty, and staff will be able to request an exemption based on medical or religious grounds. All unvaccinated individuals who will live or regularly be on campus this fall are required to participate in our surveillance testing and comply with University COVID mitigation efforts in place at any particular time. 

Vaccine clinics will be available on Arcadia’s campus throughout the summer; registration also is open locally in Montgomery County, and vaccine locations are available at the CDC’s COVID Vaccination Locations on VaccineFinder.
Students with questions should contact
Employees with questions can contact


Arcadia University

Dashboard of COVID Cases 

Arcadia's Dashboard was created to provide information about the number of confirmed COVID cases among students and employees on campus.

View the COVID Dashboard

Arcadia University

COVID Operational Tiers

The following matrix outlines how Arcadia will operate in response to COVID as well as the mitigation measures that will be taken at each tier.

It is meant to serve as a guide to help the Arcadia community understand what services and activities may be available, but not intended to detail every activity or event that may occur. Decisions regarding activities and campus access are made by the relevant COVID leadership, including Deans and Vice Presidents, depending on the current tier and circumstances. The COVID pandemic is a rapidly changing situation that requires us to make updates to the Operational Tiers in response to the most current information available and best practices. 


Since July, the University has continued in Tier 1 operational status.

  Academics Research Student Services Housing and Student Access Staff and Faculty Access Student Life & Events Building Access and Campus Services Mitigation Measures Travel
TIER 0 Normal operations. Normal operations. Normal operations. Normal operations. Normal operations. Normal operations. Normal operations. Testing by government/public health recommendations. Travel may be limited based on government/public health recommendations.
TIER 1 All-Modes instruction across all departments. Clinical and laboratory research spaces are open. Most undergraduates approved for research.  Most supports are all-modes. Normal operations in Student Health Services. Both in-person and teletherapy appointments for Counseling Services. Normal housing operations with COVID measures.  Faculty and Staff are in-person for some but not all activities. Remote work in some cases. Events are possible as resources allow. All buildings are open. Testing and mitigation measures based on vaccination status. Domestic travel according to University guidance;  international travel must be approved.
TIER 2 All-Modes instruction is prevalent with online instruction as needed, based on safety requirements.  Most clinical and laboratory research spaces are open with limited student work. Most supports are digital-only. Some in-person appointments for Student Health and Counseling Services. Arcadia guests are permitted with some restrictions in place. Housing offered at normal occupancy levels in approved residence halls. Staff and faculty both remote and in-person as designated by supervisor or department chair. Majority of meetings through digital media.  A limited number of approved events. Most buildings are open with access restricted to only approved individuals. Scheduling required to use spaces on campus. Surveillance, symptomatic, and exposure testing for applicable individuals; standard COVID mitigation measures in place, reduced group sizes allowed. Domestic and international travel must be approved.
TIER 3 Mostly online instruction. Some All-Modes Ready experiential instruction approved. Clinical and graduate lab experiences and accreditation needs possible. Limited approval of clinical and laboratory research based on need and risk. Most supports are digital-only. Some in-person appointments for Student Health Services. Limited guests of Arcadia permitted with additional restrictions in place. Limited housing available. Essential employees. Staff and faculty for approved programming. Only approved academic and co-curricular events and gatherings. A subset of buildings are open with access restricted to approved individuals. Scheduling required to use spaces on campus. Surveillance, symptomatic, and exposure testing for applicable individuals; standard COVID mitigation measures in place, limited group sizes allowed. Domestic and international travel must be approved.
TIER 4 All instruction online except for necessary lab experiences for clinical programs. Only online research. Most supports are digital-only. Some in-person appointments for Student Health Services. No guests permitted. Housing available only to students remaining on campus. Essential employees. Faculty necessary for clinical lab experiences. No events or gatherings on campus. Buildings closed except for essential maintenance and service to remaining residential students. Closed campus except for essential functions and remaining students. Domestic and international travel must be approved.

*This 4-tier model was adapted from the model developed by the University of Liverpool. Updated July 2021.

How does Arcadia University decide what Tier we are operating in and when to move from one Tier to another?

Many factors are considered when making this determination, including the level of COVID transmission with the Arcadia community, the level of COVID transmission in the local area, the availability of resources needed to address the health and safety needs of the University community, our testing capacity, vaccine availability, and uptake, and recommendations and requirements from public health, government, and accrediting or other oversight bodies.

What are the "standard COVID mitigation measures" mentioned in the Operational Tiers?

These measures include, but are not limited to, wearing a mask, social distancing, practicing proper hand hygiene, reduction or elimination of group sizes, and enhanced sanitation.

Health, Safety, Planning

Health Resources

Know the Health and Safety Guidelines for Campus

View the Health and Safety Guidelines online or download the PDF.

Committed to FIVE Public Health Safety Measures

The Arcadia community must be diligent and committed to our 5 safety measures:

  1. Wear a Mask. It's mandatory. 
  2. Wipe-In, Wipe Out. Sanitize common spaces. 
  3. Wash your hands frequently. 
  4. Socially distance. Keep at least a 6-foot distance. 
  5. Know the symptoms, taking safety precautions, and reporting to the COVID Care Team.

I’m feeling sick. What should I do? 

If you are feeling ill or think you have the symptoms of COVID, DO NOT COME TO CAMPUS. 


Step-By-Step reference guide. 

For Students For Employees  Questions or Concerns?
  1. Know the Symptoms
  2. Call Student Health Services to schedule a phone evaluation.  
  3. Did you test positive for COVID?
    - Fill out the Self-Disclosure Form
  1. Know the Symptoms
  2. Call your PCP.
  3. Did you test positive for COVID? 
    - Call your Supervisor. 
  4. Did you test positive for COVID, and you were recently on campus? Did someone in your home recently test positive?
    - Use the Self-Disclosure Form  
  • Have you been in close contact with someone positive?
  • I visited campus within 48 hours and tested positive. What should I do?
  • Someone in my home has COVID, what should I do?

Any Arcadia community member (students and employees) who have questions can contact

For questions about academic and campus life, prevention and self-care, study abroad programs, and more, please refer to our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

These guidelines are an important part of establishing a common understanding of the University’s public health expectations for operating in the time of COVID. View the PDF.

COVID Health and Safety Plan

Meet Arcadia Student Affairs and campus staff as they share important campus information for this Spring 2021. 

Parents and Families Webinar for Spring 2021

Communications, Information, and Planning

Fast Links

Arcadia University Education Abroad Program Updates

The University’s International Travel Policy outlines a protocol for consideration of all University-sponsored travel for all students, faculty, and staff. The decision to suspend any course or travel is based on travel health notices identified by the U.S. State Department, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the University’s travel assistance provider – International SOS.


Arcadia’s Community-Centered Pandemic Response

Arcadia University took a values-based, community-focused, strategic approach in responding to the disruptions that have been brought by COVID since early 2020. Each initiative enacted and measure taken placed students and those most vulnerable in our community at the center, with University units and leadership setting an example of steady, unwavering strength and vision in the face of challenges. 

What if I still have questions?

Contact Information

If you are a member of the University community and need a place to direct your question, our central point of contact is Public Safety at 215-572-2800 or 215-572-2999 (emergency) for more information.

For specific questions, please direct to the following Arcadians:

Student Health Services

Theresa Smith
Director of Student Health Services

Arcadia Glenside Housing

Susanne Ferrin
Director of Residence and Commuter Life or call 215-572-4076

Parent and Family Inquiries

If you are a parent of a current student, please join our email listserv or send any questions to

IT Related Questions or Concerns

Please submit a ticket via

Staff and Faculty Employment-Related Questions

Mary Sweeney
VP of HR and Employee Experience