School of Global Business

S.G.B. Advisory Council: Susan C. Saxer

President, SCS Solutions

Susan Saxer ’71 has a background in banking, economics, and finance, with leadership experience in management structure, planning, systems design, financial management and accounting. Saxer created SCS Solutions, a firm that specializes in management consulting to commercial, middle market enterprises. As president, Saxer provided banking advisory and management consulting services to C.E.O.s and C.F.O.s in the mid-Atlantic region. She has also acted as a litigation consultant and expert witness to major law firms on the east coast of the US on over $1 billion of cases involving fraud, commercial workouts and bankruptcy.

Saxer co-founded a second firm that provided various banking and investment banking services to mid-Atlantic companies. She also designed and taught a curriculum of twelve courses in banking, finance, and commercial applications of law and accounting for continuing education credit; this curriculum was approved by the Supreme Courts of Delaware and Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State Accountancy Board.

As senior vice president and group manager with Mellon Bank Financial Corporation (now BNY Mellon), Saxer managed various groups, including credit recovery ($4 billion of commercial, operational, and trust workouts), specialized industries (over $10 billion of committed assets to U.S. broker dealers, investment banks, insurance companies, and finance companies with worldwide presence), and the Eastern Division of the Financial Institutions department. She also served as an economist, senior credit officer, leader of strategic planning, manager of marketing, and manager in the finance department.

Saxer holds a B.A. from Arcadia University with concentrations in Mathematics, Economics, and Honors Colloquia and an M.B.A. from LeBow at Drexel University with concentrations in Economics and Finance.