School of Education

Arcadia University School of Education partnering with AIM Institute for Learning & Research

Pathways to Proficient Reading 
Participants of AIM’s Pathways to Proficient Reading Course are eligible to enroll for 3 graduate credits through Arcadia University

Cost: $450 for the course ($150/credit)
Registration dates: Registration for Arcadia University occurs 30 days prior to the AIM Pathways course end date.
Payment: due at the time of registration

How to Enroll for Graduate Credit:


  • Complete an intent to Register for credit form.  (30 days prior to your course completion).  
    Complete Intent to Register Form
  • Within 72 hours, you will receive an email reply from the School of Education. 
  • The email will provide you with
    •  Your specific course code to register. 
    • Make the section available for registration using our Self-Service system.


Create Your Personal Profile

  • Go to: Self-Service
  • Click on Create a New Account. Be sure to follow instructions for creating your password

Register for the Course section by using the information received in email to locate the specific course section.

  • The Course Code provided to you is specific to your location and dates of your AIM Pathways course.