Warren R. Haffar

Professor, Historical and Political Studies

Easton Hall 236 1 (215) 572-4094

About Me

Warren Haffar is Director of the International Peace and Conflict Resolution MA Program.  He received his Ph.D. and MA in Conflict Analysis and Peace Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996, and his BS in Political Science from the University of Utah in 1990.  In his 15 years at Arcadia he’s developed expertise in international development and conflict resolution, teaching  graduate and undergraduate field study courses in East and West Africa, Latin America, Northern Ireland, Cyprus and South Korea.  He came to Arcadia in 2000 from the Project on Ethnic Relations in Princeton, an NGO that conducts programs of high-level intervention and serves as a neutral mediator to prevent ethnic conflict in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the former Soviet Union.  He is a certified mediator and has practitioner experience developing consensus based sustainable development strategies for the state of Pennsylvania.

He has been active administratively while at Arcadia, being elected to faculty council and the University’s promotion and tenure committee.  He co-led a task force that redesigned the university general education requirements, passed by faculty with a 90% vote.  He received a grant from the President’s office to launch the Center for Peace Research in Tanzania.  As Director of the International Peace and Conflict Resolution program for 13 years, he created dual degree programs with International Public Health, Trauma Counseling Program and Graduate School of Education.   

From 2013-2018 he served as the founding Dean of International Affairs, has leading Arcadia’s international efforts in the area of international field courses and international partnerships.  He launched the English Language Institute at Arcadia, and established research and exchange programs with universities in South Korea, and the University of Havana in Cuba, among others.  He established Arcadia’s partnership with the American Graduate School for International Relations and Diplomacy in Paris, and the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.  In West Africa he established a joint research and field project for students with Heifer International in Sierra Leone and Ghana.  At Arcadia, he created the Peace Corps prep program, a program that connects the experiential leaning opportunities to a certificate for US Peace Corps service.

Areas Of Focus

Peace and conflict resolution, participatory urban planning, sustainable development

New Paltz, New York

Home Country
United States

Research Summary

His academic interests are at the intersection of conflict resolution and international development, with special focus on the relationship between regional planning, sustainable development and participatory conflict resolution practices.  In Costa Rica, he directed field work on the indigenous Brunca people and a conflict in land use, culminating in the book “Conflict Resolution of the Buruca Hydro-Electric Project.”  Working in Arusha, Tanzania, he established, in partnership with the East African Community (EAC), the Julius Nyerere Center for Peace Research which focused on capacity building and regional development among the member states.  Current research and teaching focuses on the divided island. 

In addition to Global Field Study courses, Dr. Haffar teaches courses in Economics, Development and the Environment, conflict analysis, and first year preview courses.  His research utilizes content analysis to examine the formation of conflicts and pathways to resolve them in community and organizational conflicts.  He developed the emergent peacemaker data set that tracks international peacemaking initiatives for the 1990 Gulf War, the war in Kosovo and the recent peace efforts in Iraq.