Kathy Valverde

Professor / Chair, Genetic Counseling

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About Me

Ms. Valverde’s professional background includes ten years as a practicing genetic counselor in both prenatal and pediatric genetic counseling specializing in the care of individuals with Cystic Fibrosis. She has over twenty years of experience in program leadership in genetic counseling master’s programs at both Sarah Lawrence College and Arcadia University. Ms. Valverde’s expertise is in clinical training and supervision. She was the field work facilitator at Sarah Lawrence College and the clinical coordinator at Arcadia University for twenty years working at two of the largest genetic counseling programs in the United States. Her research has focused on genetic testing for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Effectively communicating risk and determining the appropriate timing for testing are both essential components for an effective counseling session. She has first-hand experience with genetic testing as a member of a BRCA family. Thus she understands how families grapple with the complex issues of being tested and communicating results among family members. Her professional and personal experiences with genetic counseling have informed her practice and advocacy for patients and their families.

West Chester

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United States

Education History

Sarah Lawrence College 1986

Master of Science, Major in Human Genetics/ Genetic Counseling

State University of New York- Binghamton University 1984

Bachelor of Science, Major in Psychology

Minor in Biology


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