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All-Modes Ready Learning

On August 3, Arcadia announced it was shifting to a fully online academic semester for fall 2020. This plan acknowledges that our instructional and student engagement efforts rest on four connected probabilities that have been illuminated by our ongoing COVID-19 scenario planning process:

  • It is unlikely that a reliable/timely testing and contact tracing system will be in place in time for the fall semester (and might never be.)
  • It is unlikely that a vaccine will be developed, tested, and deployed in time for the fall semester (and probably won’t be for spring either.)
  • The region and the country will probably experience periods of surge and decline that will result in various efforts to limit movement and convenings.
  • Perhaps most important of all, it will likely take a significant amount of time for the majority of the population to feel comfortable resuming normal activities.

All-Modes Flexibility of Instruction

An All-Modes ready approach allowed the University to seamlessly shift its academic approach to a fully online semester for fall 2020. Online learning, using a platform such as Canvas, makes it possible for students and faculty to engage and interact asynchronously, regardless of location or time of day.


Principles for Online Learning

Below are the overarching principles of online learning at Arcadia University, which may be used in conjunction with the best practices of a specific discipline.

  • Affirm accessibility for all students 
  • Establish a student-centered and proactive course strategies 
  • Create predictable course patterns and structure
  • Plan for the unplanned
  • Establish and maintain regular contact
  • Think before you write
  • Maintain forward progress
  • Create high-quality course content and structure
  • Build course content for all learning styles
  • Create real-world connections


To be prepared for an All-Modes approach, students will need a device (laptop or tablet) with a camera and microphone that can run applications such as Zoom and platforms such as Canvas (for in-class sessions you will need earbuds with a built-in microphone). Students will also need regular access to a high-speed internet connection. If you don’t have the required technology or internet access, students can contact the Help Desk ( to discuss options.

Arcadia technology is committed to supporting the All-Modes strategy by providing the following:


While we cannot guarantee that all classes will be held in person, we will provide a list (subject to change) of all classes and the projected mode in which they will be taught. Tuition and fees will be the same and will not be refunded regardless of the learning environment during 2020-21, as academic credit, learning, and certain non-academic services will be provided, though in different ways, whether on campus, in a hybrid environment, or entirely remotely. Although things may be different during the upcoming year due to necessary health and safety protocols, Arcadia’s mission remains the same and we will deliver a high-quality and meaningful, though not identical, experience.