Class of 2022 Spotlight: Amanda Sturman

May 11, 2022 Daniel DiPrinzio

Amanda Sturman

Major: Bachelor of Arts in Theater

Hometown: Cortez, Co.

Why Arcadia: “I really wanted to come out to the east. I heard Philadelphia was a good place for theatre. I settled on Arcadia because the size was right for me. It wasn’t too big, wasn’t too small, perfect for individual learning, a good size to feel challenged by my peers too.”

Involvement on campus: Amanda has been a participant in Student Theatre, a Costume Shop assistant, and a Writing Center tutor.

Favorite Arcadia memory: “This spring semester we did ‘The Bacchae’ by Euripedes. I’ve never done a Greek play before, and it was amazing. During rehearsal, I didn’t quite understand at first the point of view the director had, but it came to be that it was really awesome. It was ‘rock-meets-religious-cults.’ Such an interesting vision. I had a small role as the Messenger.” 

After Arcadia: Amanda plans to start a career in audience services with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival at the University of Colorado Boulder, while possibly acquiring her Masters of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies at the university. 

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