Moran Analyzes Decomposition on ‘The Walking Dead’

November 4, 2015

By Kat Rosenfield for published November 3, 2015

Source: An Expert Explains The ‘Walking Dead’ Timeline Of Zombie Decay

As assistant director of the forensic science program, Kimberlee Moran typically studies the recently deceased. On this week, she switches that analysis to the recently undead.

In “An Expert Explains The ‘Walking Dead’ Timeline Of Zombie Decay,” Moran discusses the accuracies and inaccuracies of the titular creatures in AMC’s hit show, which began its sixth season in October.

After nine months, depending on the environment, there wouldn’t be eyes anymore. They’re basically big sacs of fluid, so they’re the first things to go. And within 24 hours, decomposition begins. It starts with a discoloration in the lower abdomen, and within three days the entire body is showing signs of decay. The initial stages happen quite quickly.

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 Kimberlee Moran