Atkins Remembers Sixers' Success on

June 12, 2015

By Larry Atkins for published June 10, 2015

Source: Let's bring excitement of NBA Finals to Philly

On, Larry Atkins, adjunct professor of journalism, recounts his early days as a Sixers fan, witnessing the team’s 1983 NBA championship win in Los Angeles, and his hopes for the team’s future.

There we were—at the Forum, with Jack Nicholson and all the other Hollywood elites and a surprisingly large number of Sixers fans—watching the Sixers win it all. After the game, we joined about 20 Sixers fans on the court to wave brooms and chant 'Sweep!' We called several of our Philadelphia friends and relatives collect (to their parents' dismay) on a pay phone to tell people we were there.

Things seem bleak right now for a Sixers fan, but they have to get better.

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 Lawrence Atkins