Wirth ’12 Slams Roller Derby Competitors as ‘Mar’ge Equality’

June 11, 2015

By Joseph Myers for South Philly Review published June 4, 2015

Source: Philly Roller Derby making Wirth’s while

Natasha Wirth ’12 was featured in South Philly Review for her involvement with Philly Roller Derby (PRD).

Wirth has competed with PRD since March 2015. In addition to roller derby, “Mar’ge Equality,” as she’s known on the track, works as a freelance interpreter and medical case manager at Mazzoni Center, an LGBT healthcare center. At Arcadia, Wirth majored in sociology, Spanish, and women’s studies and traveled to Argentina, where she assisted at-risk teenage mothers.

There’s something so enriching about being around women who feel so empowered and want others to feel the same way. I love seeing how our personalities mesh, too, because we come from so many different walks in life and have had so many diverse experiences.

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