'The Chronicle of Higher Ed' Quotes Shultz and Siskind on 'Global Connections'

June 8, 2012

Arcadia University was mentioned in Ian Wilhelm's The Chronicle of Higher Education article "Northern Arizona U. Overhauls Curriculum to Focus on 'Global Competence.'"

The Association of American Colleges and Universities supports the general-education approach and has worked with more than 100 colleges to intergrate global learning into their core curricula. One of those colleges, Arcadia University, in 2008 added "global connections" seminars, course that stress interdisciplinary thinking about global issues and often include a cross-cultural experience off campus, whether overseas or in the Philadelphia area where the university is based. For example, students in a course on global immigration visit the city's famous Italian Market and meet with workers of Italian, Vietnamese, and Mexican descent to understand historic and modern population flows.

Another new course studies the global connections in baseball, examining how the sport draws players from around the world, including Latin America, and has dealt with intergration of black players and other minorities.

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