'Ai Weiwei: Dropping the Urn' Noted in Prefix Photo Magazine

January 31, 2012 Donna Whitlock

Ai Weiwei: Dropping the Urn (Ceramic Works, 5000 BCE-2010 CE) by Richard Torchia, Director of the Arcadia University Art Gallery, and Gregg Moore, Associate Professor of Art and Design, was included in book review section of Prefix Photo magazine in November 2011:

AiWeiwei: Dropping the Urn (Ceramic Works, 5000 BCE-2010 CE) by Gregg Moore and Richard Torchia. Documenting the Chinese artist’s unprecedented appropriations of rare and historic ceramics. Office for Discourse Engineering at Arcadia University, 125 pages. 75 colour illustrations, hardcover. $35.00 CA, March 2010.

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