Reunion 2011: Alumni Awards and Presentations

July 1, 2011 Purnell Cropper

By Georgene Pilling ’04M, Director of Alumni Relations

Total Combined 5-year Reunion Gift from All Reunion Classes $6,676,488

50th Reunion Class Gift

A special part of Reunion is the presentation of the 50th Reunion Class Gift to the University. This class gift is composed of all the annual and planned gifts and bequests from members of that class for the past five years. Gifts, both large and small, reflect the generosity of this year’s Class of 1961. Their five-year Class Gift in the amount of $50,425 is presented to the University this evening.

The Ethlyn Selner Mack Bowl

Ethlyn Selner Mack was a dedicated volunteer at Arcadia University. Her volunteering led to a part-time job and then a full-time job in the Alumni Office. Ethlyn became the Secretary of the Alumni Association, which at the time was equivalent to today’s Director of Alumni Relations position. Mack was deeply committed to increasing the participation of alumni who give to the University. With her retirement in 1964, the Ethlyn Selner Mack Bowl Award was created as a tribute to her dedication and is presented to the Reunion class with the highest percentage of donor participation.

The recipient of the Ethlyn Selner Mack Bowl is the Class of 1956 with this year’s highest five-year participation rate of 74.19%.

The Bette E. Landman Plate

First presented at Reunion 2004, the Bette E. Landman Plate is awarded to the Reunion class that gives the largest five-year combined gift to Arcadia. This gift includes unrestricted, restricted, capital and planned gifts. Dr. Bette Landman retired as University president in June 2004 after 19 years in that office. Her vision for this institution over the years was extraordinary and she touched the lives of all members of the Arcadia community. In that spirit, the Bette E. Landman Plate was named in her honor.

This year, the Bette E. Landman Plate is awarded to the Class of 1971 with a total five-year gift of $5,317,725.

Reunion Class Naming Opportunities

Several Reunion classes have chosen to commemorate their special Reunion year by expanding their fundraising goals for specific naming opportunities on campus.

Class of 1971 – 40th Reunion

The Grand Entrance of the University Commons will be named in honor of the Class of 1971, whose members have come together this year reconnecting as classmates and touching the future of Arcadia’s students.

Class of 1961 – 50th Reunion

Remembering their college years when many were commuter students, the 50th Reunion class wishes to provide a space where today’s students can congregate. A Student Lounge area in the University Commons will be named in their honor.

Class of 1956 – 55th Reunion

Recognizing that friendships formed during college can last a lifetime, this class will also have a Student Lounge area in the Commons dedicated to them where today’s students can meet and spend time together.

Class of 1951 – 60th Reunion

In addition to friendships made during college years, the activities in which our students participate also can become lifelong interests. The 60th Reunion Class of 1951 will be honored with a Student Activity Meeting Room in the University Commons.

Class Officer Awards

The Class Officer Awards are presented to alumni in Reunion year classes in recognition of their consistent dedication and service to Arcadia University on behalf of their classes. Recipients are nominated by their classmates in appreciation for their thoughtful and creative efforts to bring their classmates together and encourage continuous loyalty to their alma mater. They have a record of consistent contributions to the University. This year’s award recipients are:

  • Anne Willis Newman ’61
  • Karen Woodeshick Orkin ’96
  • Megan Corcoran ’06
  • Amber LaJeunesse ’06

Mary Louise Armstrong Wolf Awards

The Mary Louise Armstrong Wolf Awards are presented to alumni in recognition of their consistent dedication and service to Arcadia University through Alumni Association committee work and special events, such as planning Reunion for their classmates. They give not only to their alma mater, but also to their communities through volunteer work and extraordinary efforts to make a difference. Recipients of this award are nominated by their classmates, and they have a record of consistent giving to the University. This year’s award recipients are:

  • Suzanne Decker Fenimore ’61
  • Eva Oehrle Fronk ’61
  • Ann Simonin Grebe ’61
  • Madelyn Waxman Lesure ’71

The Montgomery/Bucks Chapter Scholarship Gift

The 2011 Montgomery/Bucks Scholarship Chapter Gift is designated for the Laura Lind McKee Scholarship Fund. More than $90,000 has been raised over the years by dedicated alumni members in honor of Laura Lind McKee ’15 and student scholarships. This year the chapter is happy to present a check in the amount of $725.

Senior Golden Disc Award

The Senior Golden Disc Award is presented to a member of the senior class, who in the opinion of his or her classmates, faculty, administration, and the Alumni Association Awards and Honors Committee, exemplifies the highest standards of leadership in activities that enhance the quality of student life and promote the present and future welfare of the University. The recipient demonstrates a lasting commitment and dedication to Arcadia University and inspires the admiration of his or her classmates.

Daniel Phillips, Class of 2011, is the recipient of the Senior Golden Disc Award. Phillips embodies the Arcadia Promise. Over his four years, he has become an engaged and global citizen, an advocate for students and community service initiatives, and a student who remained academically focused and shaped his own personal learning experience to embrace all the opportunities that Arcadia promised him when he applied to study here.

From the moment he arrived on campus, Phillips embraced campus life and made Arcadia his home.  Over his four years, he has served as Resident and Senior Assistant, Arcadia University Ambassador and Leader, member of the Outreach program, Co-coordinator of the Day on Campus program, Junior Class Vice President, Treasurer and Co-Captain of Exalted Movements, Lacrosse Team player, SGO representative, member of the Director of Student Engagement Search Committee, and Senior Class President.

As an Arcadia University Ambassador, Phillips exuded pride and a deep respect for campus life and for the faculty and staff members who taught and guided him. During campus tours, these attributes encouraged prospective students to consider making Arcadia their campus home. Behind the scenes, he helped to schedule student visits, conducted interviews for prospective ambassadors, volunteered at Open Houses, and coordinated “the Day on Campus” program. As Junior Class Vice President and Senior Class President, he collaborated with his class officer team to promote school spirit, raise funds, and plan activities to increase student pride and engagement.

Phillips capitalized on the Arcadia Promise and integrated his passion for community service into his academic pursuits as a Biology major and Spanish minor. He traveled to Guatemala on a service learning trip where he worked side-by-side with physicians who were diagnosing families and treating various types of diseases. Not only did he integrate his pre-med studies into the clinical situation, but he also used his Spanish minor or act as translator between the families who came for treatment and the physicians who were making the diagnoses.

Young Alumni Golden Disc for Distinguished Achievement

The Young Alumni Golden Disc for Distinguished Achievement is presented to alumni who graduated in the last decade for outstanding professional achievement that enhances the prestige of Arcadia University.

Rebecca Goldstone, Class of 2001, is the recipient of the Young Alumni Golden Disc for Distinguished Achievement. A psychology major, Goldstone took her first trip to a rainforest in Uganda during the summer of 2000 to conduct research for her senior thesis. She had no idea how this intoxicating adventure would later fuel her passion to protect the rain forests and educate the children who live there.

After completing her senior thesis and publishing her findings, she returned to Uganda to initiate an education program with five local primary schools to integrate biology and conservation into the curriculum. More than 90 percent of the students had never been in the rain forest, so she facilitated field trips into Kibale National Park and taught classes in the jungle. The children responded positively and seized the opportunity to experience and treasure the amazing biodiversity that was their backyard.

In 2005, Goldstone founded the Kibale Fuel Wood Project that works to conserve Kibale National Park by addressing the needs of people living around its border. Kibale houses Africa’s densest primate population, but an increase in small scale logging by an ever-growing human population threatened the park’s survival. By empowering locals to find sustainable energy solutions, the Kibale Wood Fuel Project works to protect all of Kibale’s wildlife. Run by Ugandan staff operating in concert with other local stakeholders, the project assists in building efficient stoves, promotes planting local trees that are best suited for firewood, and educates the stakeholders through outdoor video shows, natural history museums, libraries, and workshops.

In 2009, she formed the non-profit organization, New Nature Foundation. Its mission is to conserve wild animals and wild places through education, empowerment, and an emphasis on creative solutions that promote people living in harmony with nature. Being a community based initiative, she now directs the Kibale Fuel Wood Project from a distance, mostly through grant writing, lecture tours, and volunteer recruiting, allowing the community to adapt the program as they make it their own.

Goldstone’s professional achievement as an educator, co-director of the New Nature Foundation for preservation of rain forests and their inhabitants and Founder of the Kibale Fuel Wood Project in Uganda is notable. Her innovative ideas, her connection to the people who live in Kibale and the value she places on them as local stakeholders, is profoundly insightful and generous.

Golden Disc Award for Meritorious Service

The Golden Disc Award for Meritorious Service to Arcadia University is presented to alumni in recognition of outstanding volunteer leadership service to the University by promoting the effectiveness of the Alumni Association, and for his or her outstanding contributions to the welfare of Arcadia University.

Joycellen Young Auritt, Class of 1971, is the recipient of the Golden Disc for Meritorious Service to Arcadia University. Auritt graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and soon thereafter she began her graduate work earning her doctoral degree in Developmental Psychology from Temple University. She is a licensed psychologist with a private clinical practice out of Bala Cynwyd working with adults, adolescents and children as well as couples and families. She also works as a business consultant in the areas of leadership development and executive coaching. Prior to this, she served 17 years as a staff psychologist in the Youth and Family Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital.

Even while earning her advanced degree, getting married, building her career, and raising two children, Auritt stayed connected to her alma mater as an active and engaged alumna volunteer. For 10 years, she served as a Class Officer both as chair and member of the Reunion Committee. This year, as Reunion Committee co-chair, she planned a memorable 40th Reunion for her classmates. Through the Alumni Association, she has been a Career Mentor and a member of the Community Service Committee. Her leadership and devotion to supporting Association programs and promoting alumni engagement earned her the respect of the alumni she served and in 2004, she was nominated and elected to serve a four-year term as Alumna Trustee on the University Board of Trustees. In 2008, she was asked to serve as a Term Trustee, and she presently serves on the Enrollment Management and Academic Affairs committees, and the Campaign Steering and University Advancement Committee, which included subcommittee work on the Major Gifts portion of the Campaign.

Auritt is a Trustee of the Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation and as such has fielded inquiries from Arcadia’s grant writers regarding potential fit between programming needs and the Foundation’s funding interests. At Arcadia, she is a member of the Landman Lifetime Giving Society and also the Covenant Society for those with planned gift intentions. During this past year, Auritt helped to establish the William J. Auritt Scholarship in memory of her late husband. This fund supports a senior who will pursue a Physician Assistant degree at Arcadia.

A classmate writes of Auritt, “I am amazed at the depth of Jey’s allegiance and support of Arcadia. We have been friends since graduating, and I have watched her commitment to Arcadia grow over the years.” Another describes her this way. “Jey has devoted many years and considerable personal resources to the benefit of the University. Her leadership on the Board of Trustees will continue to have lasting effects on the University for many years to come. Her contributions to helping our Class of 1971 have a meaningful 40th Reunion have been many and greatly appreciated.”

We congratulate Auritt on her valuable and diverse contributions of service and, with her classmates, applaud her dedicated and thoughtful leadership as a Class Officer, an active member in the Alumni Association, and a valuable alumni resource on the Board of Trustees.

Golden Disc Award for Distinguished Achievement

The Golden Disc Award for Distinguished Achievement is presented to an alumna/us for significant accomplishment and outstanding achievement in business, the professions or the community, that greatly enhance the prestige of Arcadia University.

Anna Deavere Smith, Class of 1971, is the recipient of the Golden Disc for Distinguished Achievement. Anna Deavere Smith is an actress, playwright and author. Her documentary-style theater earned her the MacArthur Fellowship, often referred to as the “Genius Award,” for her ability to blend theatrical art, social commentary, journalism and intimate conversation together into one piece for her plays.

To prepare for her one-act plays, she conducts hundreds of interviews to learn as much as she can about the subject. Her plays have won accolades and numerous awards including two Tony nominations and an Obie Award for Twilight: Los Angeles, depicting the 1992 Los Angeles race riots, and an Obie Award and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Fires in the Mirror, examining a race riot in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (1991). Twilight and Fires in the Mirror are part of a series called, “On the Road a Search for American Character.”  It includes House Arrest dealing with the American Presidency, other works, and Let Me Down Easy, inspired by work she did at Yale School of Medicine where she was a visiting professor.

Let Me Down Easy wraps itself around the vulnerability of the human body, the resilience of the spirit, and the price of health care, using the exact words of those she portrays. In preparation for this play, she conducted 320 interviews on three continents and then, on stage, she became their voices, revealing their frustrations with health care and honoring their brave confrontations with dying. Of the social commentary, she explains, “It’s less important that we agree, more important that we find places to sort it out.”

Smith has been featured in several films, among them Philadelphia, The American President and Rachel Getting Married, and she appeared in television roles on The West Wing and in the Showtime series Nurse Jackie.

Smith has written for The New York Times, Newsweek, The New Yorker, O Magazine, Elle, Essence and The Drama Review. She has been inaugural artist in residence at the Ford Foundation, MTV Networks, the Aspen Institute and currently the Center for American Progress in Washington. She is director and founder of Anna Deavere Smith Works Inc., based at New York University, which convenes artists whose work focuses on the pressing social problems of our time.

She has received several honorary degrees among them: Julliard, Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Bates, Northwestern, Wesleyan, Radcliffe, Cooper Union, Holy Cross, John Jay College of Criminal Justice and her own alma mater, Arcadia University. She serves on the Boards of the Aspen Institute and the Museum of Modern Art, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a Professor at New York University.

Cornell Cup

The Cornell Cup is presented to the class with the highest attendance at Reunion. Winning class announced at the Awards Presentation.

Special Thanks to Alumni Volunteers

Special thanks and appreciation go to Arcadia University Class Officers – Presidents, Fund Agents, Editors and Reunion Chairs – for their active participation in the life of the University and faithful service on behalf of their classmates. Their volunteer efforts to keep their classmates connected with each other and informed about the University through personal phone calls, emails, Face Book, notes, and informal gatherings are deeply appreciated.

A special note of appreciation is extended to Rosemary Deniken Blankley ’57, National Chair of the Annual Fund, for her volunteer work and dedication to Arcadia University.

Historical Alumni Awards for Reunion Classes 1’s and 6’s Class Officer Awards

  • Edna Purvis Nelson ’41
  • Harriet Wendell ’41
  • Virginia Fulmer Haist ’51
  • Harriet Baisch ’56
  • Helen Campbell Ames ’41
  • Merri Bender Brown ’81
  • Elinor Towell Chevalier ’56
  • Suzanne Decker Fenimore ’61
  • Eva Oehrle Fronk ’61
  • Ann Simonin Grebe ’61
  • Montana Kresge Pratt ’56
  • Amanda Schorle Martino ’01
  • Anne Willis Newman ’61
  • Karen Woodeshick Orkin ’96
  • Megan Corcoran ’06
  • Amber LaJeunesse ’06

Mary Louise Armstrong Wolf Awards

  • Andrew Burdan ’81
  • Shirley Musson Brower ’51
  • Karen Schwartz Scheiner ’76
  • Patricia Rittenhouse ’51
  • Betty Tomlinson Lebegern ’51
  • Patricia Darling Kile ’56
  • W. Anita (Swiss) Schwitters Schroeder ’41
  • Harriet Swoyer Horner Baisch ’56
  • Donelle Brotz ’01, ’05 M
  • Ruth Denker Campopiano ’56
  • Nora Hegedus Sztaray ’56
  • Elsa Larsen Vernon ’71
  • Suzanne Decker Fenimore ’61
  • Eva Oehrle Fronk ’61
  • Ann Simonin Grebe ’61
  • Madelyn Waxman Lesure ’71

Young Alumni Golden Disc for Distinguished Achievement

  • Lisa Chandler ’91
  • Amy Meyers Eveleth ’96
  • Chris Ubbins ’06
  • Rebecca Goldstone ’01

Golden Disc for Meritorious Service

  • Virginia Fulmer Haist ’51
  • Edna Purvis Nelson ’41
  • Arthur (Ozzie) Berger ’91
  • Karen Rossi Brager ’91
  • Patricia Darling Kile ’56
  • Lois Haber ’71
  • Joycellen Young Auritt ’71

Golden Disc for Distinguished Achievement

  • Betsey Smith Bates ’46
  • Shirley Isacowitz Leviton ’41
  • Julianne Mamana Boyd ’66
  • Dorothy Germain Porter ’46
  • Virginia MacQueen Ford ’56
  • Beverly Booth ’66
  • Susan C. Saxer ’71
  • Jane Rosenberg Porter ’71
  • Arlene Weissman ’71
  • Edith Schaeffer ’36
  • Anna Deavere Smith ’71

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