AEDI Liaisons

In June 2020, President Nair challenged Arcadia to make a Radical Change as a means to end systemic racism, challenging the Arcadia community to become a reflection of the world in which we want to live. Prioritizing the experience of Black and other marginalized students, 41 ABRI initiatives were established. Recognizing that a diversity of perspective contributes to a rich, deep educational experience, it is essential that the Arcadia community is vigilant in ensuring that pedagogy, policies, and procedures are fair and equitable.

In 2021, the Office of Access, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (AEDI) was established as a means to provide leadership for creating an environment of equity and inclusion. To help us deliver these crucial changes in our community, we are creating an AEDI Liaison role to embed the work more broadly and deeply. Liaisons will pay close attention to the pedagogical, programmatic, and practical ABRI/JEDI issues at the unit level. This team will work to model Acadia’s lived values and engage the Adaptive Strategy to achieve our efforts. 

AEDI liaisons will engage with the AVP at bi-weekly meetings. Expectations of the liaison role include but are not limited to the following:

  • Committed to the tenets of ABRI/JEDI/AEDI
  • Willing to engage in continued self-reflection and personal growth 
  • Work with identified department/unit colleagues to establish a short list of priority AEDI goals
  • Communicate progress of goals to unit/department and to the larger community
  • Bias Response Team
  • Serve as advocates on hiring campus wide search committees
  • Engage in bi-monthly meetings as a group to discuss progress and challenges
  • Integrate AEDI efforts across campus

Liaisons will be identified and approved by the department chairs and will rotate annually.

2021-22 Liaisons

Mary E. Bassetti

Director of Auxiliaries, Risk & Insurance

Alison A. Clabaugh

Visiting Instructor

Marissa C. Deitch

Executive Director

Keonna Dumas

Area Coordinator

Dejenaba N. Gordon

Assistant Professor / Internship Coordinator

Amy Henning, M.Ed.

Director, Counseling Services & AOD Pgm.

Michelle Jaisir-Peters

Director of Facilities Operations

Bruce R. Keller

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Success

Holly R. Kirkpatrick

Assistant Vice President for Financial Aid and EM

Renee M. Langstaff

Department Chair and Program Director

Thomas J Macchi

Associate VP, Facility/Capital Planning

Allyson M. McCreery

Program Support Specialist, IPCR

MyKella Mitchell

Senior Admissions Counselor of Diversity, Access, and Equity

Oliver Moe

Coordinator of Student-Athlete Success and Leadership

Kevin D. Revier

Coordinator of Student-Athlete Success and Leadership

Rachana Sheth

Creative Director

Patton Vo

Director of Reunion Giving