One-Stop Shop FAQs

Where is the One-Stop Shop located? How do I contact the One-Stop Shop?

The One-Stop Shop is located on the ground floor of Taylor Hall. The phone number is 215-517-2339 and the fax number is 215-517-2340.  Students may also contact the One-Stop Shop at

What types of services does the One-Stop Shop provide?

The One-Stop Shop assists all undergraduate and graduate students with issues relating to billing, financial aid, and registration. Other types of assistance include:

  • Answering questions about Campus Work Study, such as eligibility or job placement
  • Accepting payment toward a student’s account
  • Assisting students with accessing the Student Self-Service System to view account balances and other information
  • Assisting with free outside scholarship searches
  • Providing assistance with resolving issues related to campus administrative services and helping to negotiate solutions
  • Assisting students or directing them to the right individual and/or office to help resolve issues

I was awarded a Campus Work Study grant. How can I begin working? What do I have to do?

Fill out the online application through the My Arcadia Portal, under the Campus Work Study Section. Once logged into My Arcadia:

  • Drop down the Campus menu
  • Click One-Stop Shop 
  • Scroll to the We’re Here to Help section
  • Click Campus Work Study.

Students are not guaranteed placement but do remain on a waitlist. 

If you are hired, you will receive an e-mail via your Arcadia e-mail. The e-mail will provide the department name, supervisor name, contact information, rate and the suggested amount of hours to work in order to maintain the allocation. After being hired, you will need to fill out the required Federal, State and Local payroll paperwork. The paperwork is available in the One-Stop Shop. Students must provide the appropriate and original identifications as required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Please be aware that being awarded an allocation is not a guarantee of placement.

I am a Work Study student. Where do I go to get my check? Can I get direct deposit?

Checks are available in the One-Stop Shop on a biweekly basis. Pay days vary. For a list of pay dates, view the schedule on My Arcadia’s Campus Work Study section, stop by the One-Stop Shop, or contact Christina Sierra at 215-517-2336 or Direct deposit forms are available online (see Student Employment Forms) and in the One-Stop Shop.

I want to change my Campus Work Study placement. Can I do this?

Yes. If you are interested in changing your Work Study placement, please contact Jennifer McCaffrey at 215-517-2332 or Please note that there is often a waiting list of students who still need to be placed. If you give up your placement, a new placement is not guaranteed.

Can I work more hours than what my placement form states?

Students who work more hours than stated on their placement form run the risk of exhausting their Work Study allocation more quickly than if they worked the assigned number of hours. Also, Federal guidelines state that students cannot work more than 20 hours each week during the Fall and Spring semesters.

I have a “stop” on my student account and cannot register or access my official transcript. How can I get this removed?

The most common types of holds placed on students' accounts are:

  • Business Office Hold: Placed on a student's account when there is a balance of $2,500 or more for full-time undergraduate students and $500 or more for graduate and part-time undergraduate students. If a Business Office Hold is placed on a student’s account, the student will be barred from registering for future semesters and having transcripts released.
  • Official Transcript Hold: Placed on a student's account when there is a balance of any amount on the account. If this type of hold is assessed, a student will not be allowed to receive an official transcript, but will be able to register for future semesters and view grades on the Self-Service system.

A Business Office Hold can be cleared from a student’s account by either making payment to satisfy the balance or by making alternate financial arrangements with the Student Account Collection Administrator or a counselor at the One-Stop Shop.

An Official Transcript Hold can be cleared from a student’s account by either making payment to satisfy the balance or by making alternate financial arrangements with the University Controller or Assistant Vice President for Finance.

I tried to log into my student account, but I can’t. Who can I call about this?

If your username and password are not working, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 215-572-2898.

What is the process for students to make payments to Arcadia?

Students who need to make a payment toward tuition and fee charges may do so in person at the One-Stop Shop, via on-line at, or by mailing their payment to Arcadia University, CL #4460, PO Box 95000, Philadelphia PA 19195-4460.

How can students contact the One-Stop Shop to address their financial questions and issues?

Students may visit the One-Stop Shop, which is located in Taylor Hall, Suite 100 (across from the Registrar), during regular office hours. Please note that these hours may vary during priority registration and break periods.

Students may also call the One-Stop Shop number at 215-517-2339, or may e-mail One-Stop Shop related questions to

How does a student obtain a refund when he/she has a credit balance on his/her account?

Information on how to obtain a refund.

When are invoices sent and when are they due?

All invoices will be electronic and accessible online. You will be notified via e-mail when your bill is ready to view. The e-mail notice will provide a link and instructions for accessing Arcadia’s secure eBill Web site ( where you can view your invoice and make a payment on your account balance.

How does my parent view my bill?

In order for someone other than the student (“payer”) to view an account and make an online payment, student must first grant payer access to the account. The student can do this through his or her Self-Service account. The student must login to Self Service and click on the Finances tab. Next, select the “view e-bill and e-pay”, click “view e-bill and e-pay again, click “add new” in the section titled Authorized Payer Section. Follow the instructions for adding a payer. A welcome e-mail will be sent to the payer’s e-mail address containing a login ID, temporary password and a link to access the eBill site.

Is there a payment plan?

Payment Plan Options for Arcadia Undergraduate and Graduate Students.