Meet Our Student Workers

Did you know that 57% of Arcadia's students currently participate in Arcadia's Work-Study program, working for 69 campus departments?

Work-Study jobs provide students with income to help pay for education expenses. For many students, these positions also offer opportunities for personal and professional development. Here are some of their stories.

Bethany Davis '19

Name: Bethany Davis

Graduation Year: 2019

Major: International Studies

Minor: Spanish and Global Public Health

Current Work-Study Position(s): Office Assistant at the Arcadia One-Stop Shop

Campus Activities: Public Health Student Society, Conversation Partners, FYSAE Mentor, Veg Club, Peace Corps Prep Program, OFECUM volunteer, Internship as English Teacher in Granada, Spain

Athletics: Nope

Favorite part of Work-Study: I enjoy working with amazing staff members and my peers in an environment where I can obtain professional experience while financially supporting myself. Lessons Learned: I have gained customer service skills and knowledge of billing and payment systems.

Work-Study at Arcadia has…provided me the opportunity to earn an income while putting a major focus on my studies and not having to be preoccupied with scheduling and transportation.

After Arcadia plans: I hope to work in the international public health sector in order to educate and provide health interventions to as many people as I can. This may be in the Peace Corps or any other upstanding NGO that seeks to improve the overall health and socioeconomic standing of people all over the world.

Patience Elliott '21

Name: Patience Elliott

Graduation Year: 2021

Major: Mathematics

Minor: Secondary Education

Current Work-Study Position(s): One-Stop Shop Student Assistant

Campus Activities: Vice President of Scarlet Steppers

Athletics: Intramural Volleyball

Favorite part of Work-Study: My favorite part of Work-Study is the convenience because I can save money toward my bill and still get my homework done.

Lessons Learned: Don’t pick up too many shifts! You’re only allotted a certain amount of hours each year and if you use them all too fast in the beginning it’ll be difficult to work later on.

Work-Study at Arcadia has... a fit for everyone! Whether it be working in an office setting or a fast paced setting like conference services.

After Arcadia plans: When I graduate I plan to work at my Alma Mater as a Math teacher!

Dylan M. Gardner '20

Name: Dylan M. Gardner

Major: Biology

Graduation Year: 2020

Minor: Healthcare Administration

Current Work-Study Position(s): Lifeguard and Arcadia Ambassador

Campus Activities: Intramural Soccer, HEAL Club, Personal Fitness Club, Puro Ritmo

Athletics: None

Favorite part of Work-Study: The Work-Study program allows me to be a leader on campus while offering flexible hours to work with my schedule.

Lessons Learned: Being a part of the Work-Study program has increased my ability to manage time in terms of maintaining a busy schedule while also balancing working for Arcadia.

Work-Study at Arcadia has... allowed me to earn money back while continuing my education further.

After Arcadia plans: I plan to go to physical therapy school in order to earn my D.P.T so that I can work with people in managing and treating their pain, injuries, etc.

Gabriela Hartney '19

Name: Gabriela Hartney

Major: International Studies

Graduation Year: 2019

Minor: French, Political Science

Current Work-Study Position(s): Lifeguard

Campus Activities: STAMP, Swim team

Athletics: Swimming

Favorite part of Work-Study: Bonding with fellow coworkers.

Lessons Learned: Diligence and attention to detail is important to be successful.

Work-Study at Arcadia has... helped me realize that being a full time student athlete and part time employee is possible and gratifying.

After Arcadia plans:  I hope to work for the State Department in diplomatic affairs.

Rebecca Kirk '21

Name: Rebecca Kirk

Major: Cultural anthropology

Graduation Year: 2021

Minor: Photography/Fine arts

Current Work-Study Position: One-Stop Shop

Campus Activities: IPAL (International Peer Associate League), Arcadia Christian Fellowship, and Cabaret.

Favorite part of Work-Study: Being able to help and interact with all students, parents, and faculty. It's a really great experience learning the information that all Arcadia students need to know and being able to help others with information in a positive way. Figuring out how to grow up and handle accounts and bills can be stressful, but being part of the One-Stop Shop makes it enjoyable both in learning how to do things myself and in helping others.

Lessons Learned: I've learned how to do a lot of important career-related things while doing a campus Work-Study such as filling out federal paperwork easily, fax information, answering phone calls, etc., but I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is the importance of always having a positive attitude. No matter the question, problem, or information needed, a smile and friendly face always makes the process better.

Work-Study as Arcadia has... Given me space to really grow as a person and as a student. I've met some amazing new friends through work, and I've learned some really important life lessons. Not only do I now have a great toolset for working in the "real world" after college, but I also have some fabulous connections and a better mindset of what it means to be part of the working community.

After Arcadia Plans: I plan to join to the Peace Corps for a year or two, then head on to grad school for a master's and doctorate, and then hopefully find a job I love.

Frank Ur '19

Name: Frank Ur

Major: English w/ Concentration in Creative Writing

Graduation Year: 2019

Current Work-Study Position(s): Student Director for the Arcadia Ambassador Program

Campus Activities: President of Sigma Tau Delta, President of the French Society, First Year Peer Mentor

Favorite part of Work-Study: My favorite part of the Work-Study here at Arcadia is that it was a gateway for me to get more involved on campus. Before I got invested into any clubs I became an Arcadia Ambassador and have been one since my first year here. The Work-Study Program has offered me the ability to connect with campus as well as build necessary skills for the big bad world outside of Arcadia. It has also just been FUN! I think that finding a Work-Study position you enjoy and have fun in is awesome because it allows you to feel more connected to campus and the people around you.

Lessons Learned: One major lesson and life skill that I have learned with my Work-Study positions is time management. This is a necessary skill for making time for both my studies and work, making sure that I am not falling behind or burning myself out. Through being an Ambassador I have also learned how to interact with people who I both know and is the first time meeting them. These interpersonal skills have taught me to understand people and that not everyone is the same and experiences differ. Knowing this lesson transfers to almost every aspect of my everyday life.

Work-Study at Arcadia has...given me invaluable skills and opportunities for me to grow both as a person and in a more professional setting. I think that without being an Ambassador I would not have become the person I am today. It has provided me with an opportunity to work in a group setting, creating bonds with fellow Ambassadors but also has honed my skills of working between departments and communicating within a professional setting. These skills are very transitional and have helped with my classes, internship, and other jobs I have had. Beyond all of this Work-Study has given me a network of people that have been great resources for my own growth and friendships I would never give up for anything.

After Arcadia plans: After Arcadia in the real world I plan on...well not entirely sure yet. I know that I eventually want to go to grad school and work as an Area Coordinator and move up in a University setting. My dream job has always been to work on a cruise ship for six months or a few years if I really like it. So I may do that. I am very much the person that allows life to take me anywhere and do not like to have anything too locked down. Maybe I will sell everything I own and backpack around Europe and maybe I will become the next Clive Barker, who knows?