Instructional Technology Committee

About the ITC

The Instructional Technology Committee is charged with evaluating proposals for the support of innovative and creative uses of technology in the classroom.  “The classroom” is broadly construed, and may include labs, studios or other venues that are associated with teaching pedagogy. Proposals should support a project that infuses technology into an instructional environment, or can include funds for attending relevant conferences. Proposals to replace or update existing technology or licensing fees will not be considered for these funds.

Below is the full Request for Proposal, or click here for the document to open in a new window. 

Instructional Technology Committee Members

  • Brian Eckenrode (College of Health Sciences) - Chair
  • Shekhar Deshpande (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Joshua Isard (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Marianne Miserandino (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Alan Powell (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Xizhong Zheng (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Timothy Belloff (ATS) - ad hoc
  • Valerie Green (ATS) - ad hoc
  • Matthew Pellegrini (ATS) - ad hoc
  • Tori Waskiewicz (ATS) - ad hoc

ITC Grant Recipients

  • Psychology - Erica Fortune and Katherine Moore (Clickers - Turning Technology)
    • To view the Clickers - Turning Technology Showcase presentation click here.
  • Art and Design - Karen Misher (3D Printer)
  • Biology - Megan Wright (Microplate Photometer)
  • Comp Sci and Math - Kathy Macropol (Internet of Things - Wearable Tech)
    • To view the Internet of Things - Wearable Tech Showcase presentation click here.
  • Music - Elizabeth Murphy (Surface Tablets for Music Technology)
  • Biology and Forensic Science - Tobias Landberg (Game cameras (32))
  • Biology - Lauren Howard (Dendrochronology)
    • To view the Dendrochronology Showcase presentation click here
  • Chemistry and Physics - Tatjana Miletic (MPI and Raspberry Pi (10 Pi's)
    • To view the MPI and Raspberry Pi  Showcase presentation click here
  • Programmable Devices and Internet of Things (IoT) Technology - Yanxia Jia and Kathy Macropol
    • To view the IoT Showcase presentation click here