Zoom - Online Meeting Tool

All faculty, staff & students at Arcadia University have access to Zoom, which is a online video conferencing/meeting system.  

Zoom can be used for hosting online meetings, webinars, guest speakers or online classes, and more. Zoom enables interoperability between all major hardware and software video platforms, as well as browsers and mobile apps. You can now meet with virtually anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Zoom   (Arcadia single sign-on link)

Zoom has integration with many browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and Google Calendar through an extension add on.  There is also a separate app for Windows and Mac as well as iOS and Android Devices.  All downloads are located here: https://arcadia.zoom.us/download

For assistance with Zoom, please visit the Zoom Help Center.  When logged into Zoom https://arcadia.zoom.us you can find the 24/7 Chat and Phone Support 888-799-0125 and Zoom Resources along the top right. Here is a Zoom Quick Start Guide to get your started using Zoom.

Arcadia University Zoom Backgrounds


Tips for Zoom in Canvas:

Looking to add Zoom to Canvas?  Add Zoom through the Settings of each course to connect with your students virtually.