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All Modes Ready Outline

This summer can be used to prepare for the upcoming academic year using the All Modes Ready redesign process.  Our goal is to provide maximum flexibility for students and faculty while maintaining the highest standards of educational quality and student engagement.  We are confident that as you focus on the learning outcomes of your courses, you can design and deliver an outstanding learning experience for your students.

The support structure that we have assembled for this effort includes several teams: Design, Logistics, and Technical (see below).  The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Mentoring will be supporting the design process and creating opportunities for engagement around key All Modes Ready teaching and learning topics and strategies including inclusive pedagogy, peer-to-peer mentoring, and learning design. These resources will be available to support you throughout the development process.

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Description of Teams:
  • Logistics Team: Work directly with departments and instructors in collecting, creating, populating, and assembling course materials.
  • Design Team: Work directly with faculty to enhance opportunities for meaningful teaching, learning, and student engagement.
  • Technical Team: Work directly with faculty to assist with lecture presentation creation of digital content and recording through Panopto.

All Modes Training Fundamentals

Explanation of All Modes Training Fundamentals - Foundations for Faculty/Staff
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  • This training provides detailed information about Canvas and acts as a guided tour of the Fall 2020 All Modes Template that was applied to all Fall 2020 courses and sandbox courses.  
  • This training will help you understand how the All Modes Template is organized and what tools and resources are available in Canvas (as well as other programs) to support the All Modes redesign process and ensure it is ready to be taught in a variety of modalities (Face to Face, Online, Hybrid or a combination). Identify one course to focus on for this training.
  • You will be supported by the three All Modes Teams: Logistics, Design, and Technology. 
  • Training is designed to give you a tour of the All Modes template for Fall 2020 and walk you through the resources Canvas offers. You will be invited to create items and build out your course throughout the training in your Canvas Fall 2020 Sandbox.  These items include the Canvas Syllabus page, the Getting Started Module, and Module 1 for one of your Fall courses.
  • You will be able to copy all or selected items that you created in your Fall 2020 Sandbox into your official Fall 2020 courses where your students are enrolled. 
  • Sign up for All Modes Training Fundamentals

Timeline for All Modes Readiness

  • Early June:
    • Faculty/Staff training begins (Self-enroll here)
    • Courses (with All Modes template applied)
      • Development Sandbox course shell now available
      • Fall 2020 course shells are available
    • All Modes Ready support teams (Technical, Logistics, Design) trained and ready for support. They will coordinate with your department to begin this process.
    • Finalization of course offerings and course assignments
    • Identification of high-needs courses that need additional support (e.g., lab science, media production, studio art, performance, clinic)
  • Late June:
    • High-need course teams work with faculty to finalize
    • Content, student engagement, and learning enhancement tied to course outcomes planning begins
  • July
    • Build your Fall courses in the Canvas course shell
  • Early August
    • Test course readiness before publishing
    • Finalize Spring 2021 course offerings
    • Identify high-need spring courses
  • Late August
    • Courses are published and available to students
  • September - October
    • Late fall semester content still being developed
    • Content plans for spring courses finalized
  • November - December
    • Continue Fall course building
    • Finalize spring courses and test