Student Technology Checklist

A step by step guide for students both new and returning so they know how to interact with technology at Arcadia.

1. Activate Your Account

Enroll yourself in PortalGuard. To make sure this is a quick and productive effort, be prepared with the following information:

  • An alternate email account (for example, a personal Gmail or other non-Arcadia email accounts)
  • Your cell phone number

To learn more about PortalGuard and your account, visit our Portalguard webpage.

2. Sign in to University Email

Arcadia University provides all current students with an email. Your University email account is the official means of communication from your faculty and other important student service areas like Registrar, Financial Aid, etc. To access your email, simply go to and log in using your username and password set up in step 1. Arcadia gives students access to several applications as part of the Google Suite. For more information, please visit  our Gmail and Google Apps page. 

3. Sign in to Canvas and Zoom

Canvas is the University’s learning management system. New students are encouraged to accept the Canvas user agreement before the start of the semester. This will give you an opportunity to receive any pre-semester messages your professor might send to you via Canvas, set up your profile, and explore the tool.  Zoom is the meeting tool that allows you to participate in lectures remotely.  Sign in to Zoom ahead of your class to make sure you don’t experience any difficulties during class time.

To learn more about Canvas, Zoom, and other academic technologies, please visit our Academic Technology page.

4. Connect to the University WiFi network

Connect to the secured WiFi network EDURoam. Connect to EDURoam by selecting it from the WiFi network options on your devices and entering your full University email address and password. You can also connect to EDURoam at partner institutions around the world.  To learn more about EDURoam and troubleshoot issues, please visit our EDURoam webpage.  


5. Register for Self-Service

Register for Self-Service to view and manage your courses, access billing, and financial information.  For more information on how to use self-service, please visit our How to Use Self Service page.

6. Register Your WiFi Device

Register your personal network-enabled devices to AU-PLAY network.  This will allow you to connect devices such as printers, Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and more to WiFi. Unregistered devices can disrupt or slow down your access to the University WiFi network, and can also impact the wireless access of others in your residence hall, classroom, and other shared spaces. 

  1. Visit
  2. Select Clearpass Guest and log in with your Arcadia credentials (without using .edu)
  3. At the top, there is an option “This is a subscriber node, you should go to thepublisher node to make changes”
  4. Click on Publisher Node
  5. Log in again if prompted
  6. Select Manage Devices and use the create option to add your device
  7. Your MAC address can be found in device settings under Network
  8. Once the device has been created in Clearpass, connect to AU-Play using the password ArcadiaRocks
  9. If your device doesn’t connect within 30 minutes or the Clearpass registration page pops up after registering the device, connect to AU-Guest, sign in, then reconnect to AU-Play.

7. Learn how to Stay Safe Online

Whether you're learning in a traditional classroom or from a remote location, it is important to take a few simple steps to protect yourself. These information security steps will help you get started in protecting your accounts and devices. For more information, please visit our Student Online Security page.

For more information on resources for students including vendors that may provide help with connectivity at home, please visit our Student Resource page.