Guest Meal Tickets

About Guest Meal Tickets

Meal Ticket Order Form

We notice many departments on campus like to invite guests to the Dining Hall and The Chat to enjoy a meal or snack. Over the years departments have created their own version of a meal ticket for their guests to use. This has helped with tracking of the billing process.

To make the billing process more streamlined between Dining Services and Arcadia’s billing department, we have created a universal meal ticket for all departments to use on campus. Each meal ticket will be for one individual guest. For example, if you have three guests, you'll need three tickets.

The meal tickets can be ordered through the Dining Services office. Departments can order as many as they would like at a time. Within five business days of placing your order, we will have the meal tickets printed and delivered to your office.

Meal tickets will be printed with your department name and budget number. They will also be individually numbered so the number turned in can be tracked by both our office and your department if needed.

Please complete the order form and email to Dee Israel at or fax to 215-572-4027.  

Call 215-572-2096 with any questions.