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Student organizations provide opportunities for leadership growth and development and support the social, educational, and cultural life of Arcadia University. You are encouraged to join and serve in Arcadia student organizations. By participating you will grow personally and professionally while building new friendships and developing key leadership skills. Review our current student organization offerings below. Find even more details on KnightLife

At the start of each semester, the Office of Engagement and New Student Programs hosts an Activities and Resource Fair where students can meet, learn more, and join organizations. 


KnightLife is the main hub for all things student organizations and campus involvement. You can find campus events, become a member of a student organization, register for leadership and professional development opportunities, and more with just the click of a button. You can learn more by reading our Instructions on how to create your Knightlife account. Download the KnightLife app to stay connected on your mobile device! 

Start a New Organization!

Do you not see a student organization of interest? Are you unsure if we have a particular group? Are you interested in starting a new organization or re-activating an existing organization? The first step is to reach out to the Graduate Assistant for Campus Activities in the Office of Engagement and New Student Programs by emailing The last date to complete a new student organization interest form and student organization reactivation form is Tuesday, 3/26. 

Student Organization Resources

There are many resources and policies to support student organizations conducting business related to student organizations, which can be found in the Student Organization Handbook. Be sure to utilize your ENSP liaison. Now sure who it is? ... just ask! Email us at

Student Organization Advisor Resources

An advisor's role varies depending on the desired relationship between the members of the student organization and their advisor. Advisors may serve as mediators, developers, cheerleaders, or more, based on organization needs. We've started to compile an array of Advisor Resources. We will continue to add materials to this folder. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the advisor role or if there are any resources or materials you would like us to provide. Please also feel free to share your best practices and resources. Reach out to with any questions. 

Student Organizations

Student organizations at Arcadia serve as the backbone of many campus traditions and are an integral and vibrant component of the student experience. Our organizations plan social, educational, and service-related events and programs for the campus community. Recognized student organizations are able to reserve space; participate in the bi-annual Activities and Resource Fair and other student organization fairs, including Family Weekend and Spring Fling; receive valuable leadership training from the AU LEAD program; have access to Engagement and New Student Programs staff, and are eligible for a budget from the Student Government Organization (SGO). Any undergraduate student may participate in student organizations. Graduate students may not hold any official organization positions. 

The following are student organizations recognized by the Student Government Organization. 



American Chemical Society (ACS) invites, motivates, and encourages students at Arcadia University to explore the many ways that chemistry connects to their world through fun, authentic, and hands-on opportunities.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club promotes the understanding of American Sign Language and the Deaf community.

Education Club educates students on and off-campus, on the importance of teaching through activities, trips, discussions, and volunteer work.

Forensic Science Club provides activities and information for individuals interested in the various fields of Forensic Science.

HEAL explores broad and exciting healthcare career opportunities, connects Arcadia students with healthcare professionals, and expands knowledge of the healthcare industry.

Math and Actuarial Science Club (MASC) connects students with a common interest in math and actuarial science majors or minors. 

Psychology Club is for anyone interested in psychology concepts, whether it's through major, minor, or personal interest. 

Public Health Student Society unites students with common goals and interests directed towards health care, regardless of major.

Spanish Club provides the opportunity to meet and practice speaking Spanish in an informal setting.

Students for the Advancement of Business Administration (SABA) gives students an insight into business that is unobtainable in the classroom. They aim to give students an opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns regarding departmental matters.


Activism, Media, Political, & Student Governance

Arcadia University Socialists discusses historical, political, and social issues from a socialist perspective; listens to and works with oppressed and unheard members of the Arcadia community; and responds to student issues through direct action initiatives on campus. 

Civic Engagement Society serves as a bridge between members and subject related faculty, changes our community through proposing legislation to proper officials, and fosters debate and the exchange of ideas in an open forum.

Model United Nations Association promotes a polite discourse, learning, and debate of foreign policies while improving skills of leadership, diplomacy, and public speaking. 

People for Animal Welfare (PAW) works to provide students and faculty with connections to news, information, and opportunities focused on the betterment of animals in order to strengthen the understanding and knowledge of assisting animal treatment and to also assist animals directly and indirectly.

PRIDE provides a safe space for discussion and the opportunity for activism for the LGBTQ+ community on campus and build a safe and inclusive community for LGBTQ+ members and allies.

Student Government Organization (SGO) is dedicated to serving Arcadia’s undergraduate population and providing an outlet for student's voice. We are focused on enhancing the Arcadia experience through positive changes to campus.

Womxn Rising works to educate the Arcadia community about the success of women in and outside of the Arcadia community, bring awareness of women’s issues to the campus, and to serve as a voice for the women at Arcadia.

Yearbook Club works to create and distribute an annual yearbook to the Arcadia University community. It also stands to create archival records for the university.


Event Programming & Performing Arts

Knight Club is an opportunity to continue the passion for dance for those who have had prior experience, or to introduce students with little or no experience to different forms of dance by offering technical assistance and to help experienced dancers grow and keep their passion alive.  They have one collective performance piece each semester that contains other dances composed of various styles and abilities.

Puro Ritmo is a Latin dance group that works to educate the Arcadia and Glenside communities on the history and forms of Latin dance through workshops, performances, and events.

Residence Hall Council (RHC) is an organizing entity for the goal of promoting student life in both a social and environmental aspect.  The organization acts as a liaison between the students and the administration.

Scarlet Steppers allows students to express themselves through stepping, a form of dance. The organization provides school spirit and cheer at Arcadia athletic events. 

Student Programming Board (SPB) strives to provide events that meet the social, educational, and cultural needs of the diverse university community while offering various opportunities for student involvement and leadership.

Under Siege Student Productions gives the students of Arcadia a chance to try out new theatrical skills that they may have learned in class or have a strong interest in but aren’t ready to try in full production. They give students the resources to put on many different student-run theatre productions, including necessary limited funding, space, advertising, creating teams, etc.



Asian Students In America (A.S.I.A.) was established to help all Asian students at Arcadia University to meet like minds and have a sense of community. Non-Asians are also welcome to join if they hold an interest in Asian cultures. ASIA focuses on bringing Asian cultures to Arcadia through hosting events to help heighten awareness of the Asian population on campus, as well as bring about a more culturally enriching environment.

Black Awareness Society facilitates cultural exchange among the campus population, works in collaboration with the administration to increase the enrollment of African-American students, and works to educate themselves and others about the contributions of African-Americans in the history of our world.

K-Pop Club educates and informs students about Korean Music, Korean Dramas, and Korean culture. The club also expands students’ knowledge of the K-POP subculture. K-POP Club focuses on bringing Korean culture to Arcadia University through formed friendships through the club and through club activities.

Latino Association draws awareness to and educates about the Latino/Hispanic cultures. They aim to unite, support, and learn from one another regardless of ethnicity or race.

POWER promotes social, political, and intellectual growth through means of an internship, mentorship, community involvement, and sisterhood while providing a place that allows for open, non-judgmental dialogue. They also educate themselves and the surrounding community about the contributions of women of color to the campus and to the world.


Religious & Spiritual 

Arcadia Christian Fellowship (ACF) provides a comfortable and safe space for all students to pray, learn about God, and share fellowship with one another and the rest of the community.

Hillel provides various aspects of Jewish culture and life to the students in the Arcadia University community.

Newman Club promotes the action of the Catholic Church on campus and to become aware of community needs through community service.



Arcadia FTK hosts a year-long fundraising effort at Arcadia University that benefits the Four Diamonds Fund, a charity that assists families whose child is being treated for cancer at Hershey Medical Center.

Arcadia Rotaract provides an opportunity for young adults to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service. They work to develop professional and leadership skills.

Arcadia Special Athletes Association (ASAA) provides the opportunity for all students of Arcadia University to become involved with individuals that are exceptional through the special athletics and social events.


Special Interest

Anime Club educates and informs people about anime, manga, and Japanese culture. The club also expands students’ knowledge of anime subculture including things like fan fiction, fan art, cosplay, and Larp.

Arcadia Environmental aims to make Arcadia University more green and sustainable. They have open meetings for the purpose of sharing ideas and working on projects, and educate students and others on campus about current environmental issues and how to be more eco-friendly. They also host speakers and activities for people to attend in order to increase awareness of environmental issues or news.

Arcadia Gaming Community provides a place, free of judgement, for those interested in games and gaming, whether it be a board game, card game, or a video games, to play and have fun.

Arcadia Radio Club (ARC) develops a creative community interested in sharing music, sports, and ideas on a broadcasted forum.  It serves as a bridge between members and other communities through the communication channel the radio provides, and it generates a space for the communication of ideas and events through the platform of college radio.

Film Club unites students with common interests through Film, including creation, editing, production, and viewing. 

Knight Tales (Book Club) aims to broaden student’s horizons to different genres and writing styles. They provide a safe space where students can discuss their favorite stories.

Social Justice Society offers an out of the classroom experience for those interested in criminal justice-related events and volunteer services, as well as an opportunity to share thoughts and information about careers and other criminal justice-related topics.

Society for Castle Restoration (SCR) works to celebrate and maintain the beauty of Grey Towers Castle. They also host and plan events that take place in the castle.


Sports & Wellness

Arcadia Ultimate Frisbee promotes a healthy and active lifestyle and gives students the chance to be a part of the team and develop their frisbee and teamwork skills.

Equestrian Team strives to promote a friendly atmosphere that provides opportunities for students to ride for pleasure and/or participate in IHSA horse shows.

Self Defense provides students with opportunities to train the mind, body, and spirit to become a disciplined and well-rounded individual through martial arts.