Preview FAQs

When is Preview?

Preview classes begin in Spring term, and field study travel takes place over spring break in March.  Classes will meet weekly and conclude with Global Expo in April.

Who is eligible for Preview?

New full-time first-year students and full-time transfer students who enter the University in spring, summer or fall may participate in Preview during the following spring semester. You must maintain good academic and disciplinary standing prior to departure.

Will I need a Passport or a visa?


Passports are required for all international travel, and you will need to submit a copy to Civic & Global Engagement through the Arcadia Abroad Portal. The deadline for providing a passport copy or proof of application for a passport is November 1st. If you need to apply for a passport, do it as soon as possible because processing time is around 2 months. If you currently have a passport, be sure that it will not expire before the September after your Preview travel, because most countries require 6 months passport validity upon entry. You could be denied boarding a plane or entering a country if your passport expiration date falls sooner than 6 months after your travel dates. 

There is some need-based financial assistance available to cover passport application fees, so please contact for more information. 

Passport application available through the U.S. State Department website.

Please see this excerpt from the Preview Enrollment Agreement on travel documentation, including valid US passports:

Proper Travel Documentation: I understand that it is my responsibility to have all travel documents necessary for domestic and/or international program travel. For international travel, this includes a valid passport for the duration of my time abroad and for any required amount of time after I return as stipulated by the immigration policy of my host country. I agree to obtain any and all visa and clearances prior to my time abroad and ensure I have obtained the proper authorization to study in my host country. I understand that Arcadia University is not responsible for any decisions made by foreign embassies or consulates regarding approval of visa documentation and/or immigration clearance. I understand that the failure to obtain required travel documents by stated program deadlines, posted at, may result in my removal from the program and that I may be responsible for non-recoverable costs incurred by Arcadia University on my behalf. 


U.S. citizens do not require visas for short visits to most locations. Locations requiring a Visa for U.S. citizens will be noted in the Preview announcement and course description.

If you hold a passport from a country other than the U.S., you'll need to check on requirements and Global Engagement can help you. Note for U.S. "green card" holders, the passport determines visa requirements.

Do I need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to participate in Preview?

Yes, all Preview travelers need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and up to date on boosters to participate in Preview. Please read the university’s interim COVID-19 travel policy here:

It is expected that all participants in university-sponsored domestic or international travel will be compliant with the University's Interim COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. Those who have not complied with the Policy will be ineligible to participate in such travel. Those who have complied with the Policy by securing an approved exemption from the vaccination requirement based on a medical condition or religious belief may face some limitations on travel based on factors such as, but not limited to, safety risk to unvaccinated travelers and/or restrictions on unvaccinated travelers at the travel destination, which may not allow for exemptions or which may impose additional requirements that are not the same as the University's. The specific circumstances of the travel will be evaluated by the Travel Advisory Committee. Before applying to participate in travel programs, individuals with questions related to vaccination status should contact

How do I apply for Preview?

Preview courses and field study destinations will be announced early in the fall term, and students who are eligible for Preview will receive an invitation to apply to Arcadia email accounts. This email will include a personalized link specific to you only, and should not be shared with anyone else. You will be prompted to answer some basic application questions and list your top 3 course choices with a brief personal statement about why you have chosen them. Civic & Global Engagement will make every effort to place you in one of these choices. The Preview application deadline is September 30th and Preview course assignments will come out in mid-October.

What do students who want to participate in Preview need to do to stay eligible after applying?

You must complete the following by November 1st:

  • Submit a copy of your passport or provide proof of an accepted passport application

  • Complete the health survey as instructed after submitting a Preview application

  • If necessary, submit Preview fee payment 

Students who do not complete these steps by November 1st may be removed from Preview courses.

(Remember, this is different from the application deadline which is September 30th)

How much does Preview cost and what does the fee cover? Who is eligible for a Preview fee waiver for Preview 2023?

The Preview program fee is $795. This fee covers air and ground transportation, programmed events, accommodations, and some meals. You can pay this fee online through Self-Service or in-person a the Office of Student Accounts. The deadline for Preview fee payment is November 1st. 

The Preview fee will be waived for any incoming first year or transfer student who deposited to Arcadia before May 15th, 2022.

Limited need-based financial aid may be available for students who do not qualify for the Preview fee waiver, so please watch for information, and you can contact if you have questions about financial assistance. 

What other expenses should I prepare to pay for Preview?

You are responsible for passport*/visa fees, meals, and incidental expenses including the cost of a passport (and visa, where applicable), lunch, dinner, souvenirs, and individual activities. Costs will vary among sites, but $50 per day is a modest budget. Past students report spending $250 to $500 during the week, depending on their habits and preferences. 

* There is some need-based financial assistance available to cover passport application fees, so please contact for more information.

Who handles the accommodations and airfare?

The Division of Civic & Global Engagement and university partners arrange all travel logistics. Arcadia books group flights leaving from local airports. Accommodations vary in each location, but are clean, basic and safe, and students usually room together in groups of about 2-4. 

How can I get my money while traveling internationally?

You should take an ATM card that is linked to a bank account for easy access to funds and for the best exchange rate. Your bank may charge small fees for foreign withdrawals and it's important to notify the bank of dates you'll be traveling. Credit cards (VISA or Mastercard) are usually accepted in most locations except for smaller businesses; travelers checks are not advisable.

Do I get credit for Preview courses?

Students completing Preview courses will earn two elective credits. This means that for most students participating in Preview, your spring semester will consist of about 18 US credits. Courses are designed and taught by Arcadia faculty and staff and meet weekly. There are no restrictions by major for Preview, although in some cases Preview course placement may depend on the timing of other required coursework to avoid scheduling conflicts.

How are courses taught on campus and then in field study locations? Can plans change for my Preview travel?

Each faculty leader will announce class times and frequency, but expect to meet weekly. 

Faculty direct the curriculum and are accompanied by other Arcadia employees who mentor you throughout the experience. Civic & Global Engagement provides pre-departure guidance on the logistics, health and safety, passport and/or visa regulations, and instructors will address location-specific topics such as packing tips and activity-related needs.  

Sometimes, Arcadia needs to change Preview travel plans in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. Please read this excerpt from the Preview Enrollment Agreement with more information:

 Arcadia Reserves the Right to Cancel, Alter, Suspend or Amend. Arcadia University reserves the right to cancel, alter, suspend, or amend any part of any program or to increase fees should circumstances make these actions advisable or necessary. I understand that the program calendar dates posted on the Arcadia University website are tentative in nature, and can change at any time. Arcadia University will alert me of any such changes and will work to minimize any disruption to my planning. 

Do I need to know the language of the country to participate?

This opportunity is open to you with or without language competency.