AmeriCorp Next Steps

AmeriCorps Next Steps engages students in community service, mentoring, supportive workshops, and leadership development. Participants, known as Next Steps Mentors, complete 300 hours of community work (including training and professional development) over the academic year.


  • In addition to mentoring first-year students, mentors choose from a variety of community-based placements (e.g., Glenside Elementary, Jenkintown Food Cupboard)
  • Participants receive $10 per hour through Federal Work-Study for their community-based hours 
  • In addition, upon completion of 300 hours, participants also earn an Education Award of $1342.86
  • Arcadia students can enroll each year until graduation
  • And students join an extensive national and international alumni network - some well known alumni include:
    • Jay Rockefeller, U.S. Senator
    • Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Former Whip of the Congressional Black Caucus
    • Tweed Roosevelt, grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt
    • Peterson Zah, Former Chairman of the Navajo Nation

Apply Here

Pell-eligible students are given preference, but all students may apply.

Serving with Kindness and Humility

“I enjoyed working with Jenkintown Food Cupboard through Next Steps because it gave me a better outlook on life. I now understand that everyone is not as fortunate as me in the world, but I can always reach out and make one little tiny difference in their lives by providing essentials, such as food, clothes, water, and most importantly kindness and humility.”

- India McFarlane ’22, Psychology Major, Community Service at Jenkintown Food Cupboard and more

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AmeriCorps Next Steps Team Leader

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