COVID-19: Health and Safety Plan

Safety and Transport

Revised December 11, 2020

Public Safety will continue to provide traditional safety and security measures for the main campus (on- and off-campus properties), as well as the Christiana, Del. campus (via CCTV). Public Safety officers’ job functions will be enhanced to support Student Health Services, Student Affairs, University Relations, and other units and departments as needed.

Campus Shuttles

All riders and drivers of campus shuttles are required to wear masks. Shuttle drivers are University employees that are approved per the University’s Vehicle Use Policy. Drivers will wear proper PPE and agree to sanitize (wipe in / wipe out) shuttles before and after usage. Any shuttle service provided by an outside service will be mandated to have their own protective protocols that align with the University’s and CDC guidelines.

Public Safety Emergency Transports

(for medical emergencies)
Ailing or sick students requesting transportation to Student Health Services can contact Public Safety. The responding officer will contact SHS during their operational hours before transportation and provide them with an assessment.

In the case of individuals exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or other medical conditions that would, by protocol, constitute a life-threatening emergency (heart, lung, or special physical needs), Public Safety will dispatch an ambulance. If the estimated time of arrival for an ambulance is longer than the affected individual and/or responding officer believes it would not be appropriate for the individual to wait for a transport:

  • Public Safety personnel will wear face coverings during transport.
  • The person being transported will wear a mask.
  • Windows will be kept open in the vehicle during transport.
  • No other passengers in the vehicle will be permitted. (Friends and colleagues must provide their own transportation.)
  • Public Safety will call Abington Hospital Emergency Room (215-481-2000, #2) to inform them of the symptoms and that they are on the way.
  • Upon arrival at the Emergency Room, the person being transported may enter the facility on their own accord.
  • Public Safety will disinfect the vehicle before leaving the hospital.


  • Any transport of a student for illness, by protocol, requires notification of the Administrator on Duty. Public Safety will also contact the Director of Student Health Services and alert the Director of Public Safety.
  • Any transport of an employee for illness will result in notification to Human Resources and the Director of Public Safety.

Campus Emergency Call Phones

All Emergency Call Boxes located throughout the campus are active. Emergency Call Boxes will be regularly cleaned, sanitized, and covered to lower infectious contact.

Housing Patrols in Off-Site University-Managed Residential Facility

Students residing in off-site University-managed residential facilities through University Housing will be provided limited services, including transportation to Student Health Services and Abington Hospital, pursuant to the guidelines described above. Public Safety will work with Cheltenham Township Police and the facility’s Property Management to address the safety of residents and include the off-site University-managed facility in vehicle patrols.

Facilities Services

For routine maintenance needs, individuals may submit a request here. For emergency maintenance needs, especially those that implicate health and safety, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., individuals should call 215-572-2992; after 4 p.m., they should call Public Safety (215-572-2900).

Purchasing/Requesting Supplies

Initial purchasing of all COVID-19 related supplies will be done by Purchasing. Facilities will receive, distribute, and track all inventoried supplies. Facilities will recommend to Purchasing on increasing or decreasing the amount of inventoried items and quantities on hand. Once the initial inventory is exhausted, Facilities will order supplies for general cleaning and individual departments will order supplies needed for their units.