COVID-19: Health and Safety Plan

Global Programs and The College of Global Studies

Revised December 11, 2020

The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University is supporting a select number of study abroad programs for the spring 2021 semester. Decisions on which programs to support are based on a thorough risk assessment of the conditions in each program’s location, plans from our University partners, and in consultation with International SOS, Arcadia’s international assistance provider. The College’s Health, Safety, and Security team, in conjunction with our Resident Directors abroad, also evaluate our ability to adapt throughout the semester to mitigate risk. Spring program updates can be found on the Arcadia Abroad website.

All programs offered are able to provide students with an online learning plan, should it become necessary, and have the demonstrated capability to quarantine or isolate students with ample support if needed. All activities and events offered by Arcadia staff will be carefully evaluated and risk-assessed.

Students enrolled in programs supported by TCGS receive extensive communication regarding risk mitigation strategies and emergency planning. All participants will sign a document acknowledging the risks associated with travel as well as the rules of participation, which are necessary to promote the health and wellbeing of students and the community in which they study. Participants will also be provided with details about how to access support from Arcadia staff and International SOS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as information on how to access COVID-19 testing.

All participants are required to attend an advising interview with Arcadia TCGS staff to discuss:

  • Being a responsible, informed traveler who understands the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and how to reduce risks associated with international travel.
  • Taking travel precautions, including wearing a mask, carrying hand sanitizer, and avoiding crowded groups as much as possible, as well as bringing multiple reusable masks and a thermometer.
  • Working with their health care providers to ensure they can bring all the medication they’ll need while abroad and to discuss plans for care abroad with International SOS and Arcadia’s Health and Safety team. Proactively managing any pre-existing conditions or disability needs, as well as ensuring that students are up-to-date on all routine vaccines and the seasonal flu vaccine, will help prepare for a healthy semester.
  • Not traveling if they have any symptoms of illness. We will accommodate as much as practicable any late arrivals due to illness.
  • Preparing for quarantine. The local governments in each of our program sites have specific quarantine requirements international travelers must adhere to upon arrival. Students will be able to quarantine in student housing with support from Arcadia and their host institution.
  • Engaging in Arcadia's virtual orientation as well as their host institution’s orientation to ensure a thorough understanding of health, safety, and security process and protocol.
  • Monitoring their health and reporting any symptoms to program staff before attending class or other activities.
  • Staying home and notifying their host institution and Arcadia staff if they’re symptomatic, have been exposed to COVID-19, or have tested positive. We will support students with food delivery and in other ways if they need to self-isolate and assist if they need to get tested.
  • The importance of proper hand hygiene and cleaning practices and the need to follow local regulations on social distancing, wearing a mask, and other precautions.
  • Following their host institution’s guidance. Each institution and location will have safety measures in place that may be different to what is advised at home.
  • Preparing for the possibility of a two-week quarantine period at any time during the semester as a result of contact tracing or lockdown due to increased community transmission.
  • Understanding their comprehensive accident and illness insurance, which includes coverage for testing and treatment of COVID-19.
  • Following all directives from their housing provider regarding cleaning, shelter-in-place, and room changes if they or other students need to be isolated.

Preparing for the possibility of varying academic delivery methods. Our overseas partner institutions may offer in-person, blended, and fully online learning approaches, depending on the circumstances.