College of Arts and Sciences

Psychology Faculty

Alison A. Clabaugh

Visiting Instructor

Social Psychology

Juan F. Duque PhD

Assistant Professor

Animal Behavior and Biological Psychology

Logan J. Fields PhD

Assistant Professor

Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology

Elaine F. Jones Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Social-Cognitive Development

Hsin-Hua "Cathy" Lee

Assistant Professor

Asian American Psychology

Adam M. Levy


Psychopathology and Social Behavior

Carol A. Lyman

Instructor / Associate Director, Counseling

Marianne Miserandino, PhD

Professor and Chair

Social-Personality Psychology and Motivation

Katherine S. Moore

Associate Professor

Cognitive Neuroscience

Michael T. Morrow


Clinical Child Psychology

Lauren E. Reid

Assistant Professor

Multicultural Counseling

Steven "Steve" J. Robbins


Learning and Cognition

Adjunct Faculty

  • Lauren Cain-Baxter (Counseling Program)
  • Jessica Cuttic (Counseling Program)
  • Michael Hogan (Counseling Program)
  • Lois Keller (Counseling Program)
  • Allison Michael (Counseling Program)
  • Kristen E. Hawk-Purcell (Undergraduate Program)
  • Allison Rozovsky (Counseling Program)
  • Patrick Ryan (Counseling Program)
  • Jesse Smith (Counseling Program)
  • Nicole Warren (Counseling Program)
  • Matthew Wexler (Counseling Program)
  • Mary M. Winn (Undergraduate Program)

Contact Us

For general inquiries or to leave a message for any of the Adjunct Psychology Faculty, contact our Department Administrative Assistant at 215-572-2988.