College of Arts and Sciences

Historical and Political Studies Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Christopher J. Cerski JD

Pre-Legal Studies Advisor & Adjunct Professor of Law & Government

American constitutional law; criminal law and procedures

Hilary Parsons Dick, PhD PhD

Associate Professor of International Studies

Modern Latin America; Mexico-U.S. migration; immigration politics & policy

Warren R. Haffar PhD


Professor and Director of International Peace and Conflict Resolution MA Program

Geoff Arthur Haywood

Associate Professor

Modern Italy & Western Europe; modern Mediterranean world; Greek & Roman empires

Freya Irani

Assistant Professor

Angela Kachuyevski

Associate Professor of Political Science

Modern Russia & Eastern Europe; international relations; security studies; ethnic conflict resolution

Prash Naidu

Assistant Professor

Asian-pacific region, environmental anthropology, political ecology, global pollution and resource extraction, & sensory studies

Jennifer A. Riggan


Modern Africa; citizenship & nationalism; state formation and development

I.M. Sullivan

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Cross-cultural philosophy, queer and feminist philosophy, and, moral, social, & political philosophy

Amy M. Widestrom

Associate Professor of Politics & Government / Chair, Department of Historical & Political Studies

American political behavior; urban politics & policy; income inequality & civic participation; residential segregation

Part-Time Faculty

Richard "Rick" J. Arras

Assistant Professor

Computer Science and Philosophy

Justin I. Fugo

Adjunct Professor


Alex Roinishvili Grigorev

Adjunct Professor

Southeastern Europe; state building and inclusive governance; mediation and negotiation

Vance R. Kincade Jr.

Adjunct Professor


Nora Jacquette Moffat

Adjunct Professor


James "Jim" M. Paradis

Adjunct Professor


Barbara J. Simmons

Adjunct Professor

International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Alan Smith

Adjunct Professor

Philosophy and Religion