Arcadia Magazine Fall/Winter 2021

In the Fall/Winter 2021 Issue

Over the past 11 years, Gateway to Success has provided college access and academic support to nearly 500 participants who might not otherwise get such a chance.

Gateway to Success: Arcadia's Commitment to a Historic Legacy

Twenty years after Weber’s graduation from Beaver College, a long-awaited opportunity arose. With their children’s college tuition covered and a financial surplus from the pistachio business, the Webers were ready to demonstrate their gratitude for Beaver College in a meaningfully charitable way.

Walter Weber ’91: Gratitude in a Nutshell

Each year, Arcadia University alumni are recognized for outstanding achievements and contributions in their profession, their community, their classes, and their alma mater. The Alumni Association presents its annual awards each year during Alumni Reunion Week.

2021 Alumni Awards

Dr. Ajay Nair

Letter from the President

Dear Arcadia University Community,

Out of everything that a university can offer its students, the most important  is opportunity. 

This begins with accessibility. A university must be accessible to its students, and it must provide a path— a gateway—for students to succeed. It must provide a support network strong enough to bolster achievement,  so students can realize the potential they bring with them to Arcadia. 

As incubators of learning, universities must also provide their students and faculty with ample  opportunities for academic and scholastic exploration and discovery. This is perhaps most clearly seen through collaborative research, especially on issues and topics of global import. 

Universities must also provide opportunities for students to develop skills that lead to rewarding careers and professional lives. Successful alumni outcomes are one way to capture the effectiveness of a college experience—in some ways, they can show a return on a student’s time and money invested in a university. 

This issue of Arcadia magazine includes three examples of such opportunities in the Gateway to Success  program; the student-faculty research on breast cancer drugs, global conservation, and the innovation of our hemp partnership; and a conversation with the Class of 1991’s Walter Weber, who talks about his time at Beaver College and the career chance of a lifetime he took. 

In our research labs on campus, in the classrooms in the Philadelphia School District, even on pistachio farms in California, our students, faculty, and graduates are making a profound impact on our communities. Each day provides so many astonishing developments and discoveries on our campus—at times, the discoveries are learning about what is happening on campus. These discoveries can be the most rewarding of all, as they help to most clearly define the innovation that we know is necessary to remain at the forefront of  higher education. 


Ajay Nair, Ph.D.
Arcadia University

News + Notes

The selection committee found the APAP submission refreshing. “Moving art from in-studio to outdoors” was one exciting feature but simultaneously, its impact on the community was also extraordinarily compelling.

Four Receive Dr. Finbarr O'Connor Prize for Shifting the Paradigm for Public Art Project

From Aug. 25 through Aug. 29, Arcadia welcomed all first-year and transfer students to campus, as well as all returning students, for the 2021 fall semester.

Arcadia Welcomes Back Students

Maya Basu Johnson ’97

Letter from the Advisory Council President for the Arcadia University Alumni Association

 Dear Alumni,

It’s been nearly six months since I began my term as president of the Arcadia University Alumni Association, and my love and pride for the Arcadia community only continues to grow. To represent you—the 35,000 proud alumni of Beaver College and Arcadia University—is an incredible honor. 

In beginning my work with the Alumni Association’s Advisory Council, it was inspiring to see that we share so many common traits. We’re motivated, helpful, connected, encouraging, and determined. Among us are philanthropists, experts, visionaries, mentors, and leaders. Above all, we all share a love for Arcadia and are committed to serving our fellow alumni and alma mater.

Since stepping into this role, I am constantly reminded of why Arcadia is a community unlike any other. We are all connected by our shared experience, our unique ability to think critically, and our desire to change the world around us. I encourage you to find the time to reach out to a former classmate, deepen your connections with one another, and recognize all that this incredible University has brought to you. 

The Alumni Association offers so many opportunities for us to get involved and make a  difference for the current students and the future of our beloved University. Let us all reflect on our engagement with our alma mater and make sure that we hold one another accountable to  show up and overtly demonstrate our commitment to the success of Arcadia University.

Arcadia, it is an honor to serve alongside you.

Maya Basu Johnson ’97
President, Arcadia University Alumni Association

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