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Class Officers and Reunion Volunteers

Class Officers and Reunion Volunteers

As a class officer or reunion committee member, you’ll take on the important responsibilities of representing and leading your classmates in activities which include planning reunion events, supporting class fundraising efforts, soliciting and editing “Class Notes” for the Arcadia magazine, and more.

Class officer elections are traditionally held during milestone reunions (every five years), but volunteers are welcome at any time, regardless of whether your reunion is this year or five years from now.

Get Involved!

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about volunteering as a class officer or serving on your class reunion committee, complete the Alumni Volunteer Interest Form or contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at or 215-517-2566.

Class Officer Responsibilities

Class President

As a class president, you will serve as your class representative on the Alumni Association’s Leadership Council or help to identify another class officer to serve. You will participate as a member of your class reunion committee, conduct class meetings at Reunion, and represent you class at important University functions.

You will also have a role in overseeing the class officer selection process, and leading class officers in their individual roles by ensuring that they are fulfilling their responsibilities, offering assistance when needed, and recruiting volunteers as needed.

Successful class presidents build a team among class officers so they can work together to encourage individual classmates to stay connected to each other and the University.

Class Editor

Your class editor serves your class by keeping you informed about Reunion activities and Alumni Association news, and by informing the University community, friends, and alumni about the events and achievements of their classmates through the “Class Notes” section of the Arcadia magazine.

As class editor, your responsibilities will include maintaining contact with your classmates through phone calls, e-mails, social media, and personal notes. You will share information about your classmates with the Office of Alumni Engagement at least twice a year for publication in the Arcadia magazine. For more information, view Class Editor Guide.

Class Fund Agent

One of the most important contributions that you can make as a class officer, is to serve as a class fund agent. As a fund agent, you will assist in managing your class’ support of the University through annual giving participation – directly impacting the student experience and the University’s rankings, and helping to ensure that future generations of students will enjoy what you have treasured most about your years at Beaver and Arcadia.

As a fund agent, you will serve as a liaison between your class and the Office of University Advancement, participate in training for goal-setting, and create or approve letters to your classmates. You will work with your reunion chair to recruit members for your reunion gift committee, where you will organize members to make calls to classmates for personal solicitation.

Reunion Chair

Reunions provide special opportunities for you and your classmates to reignite your connection and recall your days as a student. As your class reunion chair, you will help to plan and coordinate your class’ activities at Reunion. Your responsibilities will include assisting the Office of Alumni Engagement to recruit a reunion committee and working with your class fund agent to recruit a reunion gift committee. You will be asked to prepare letters to your classmates to encourage Reunion participation and attendance.