Arcadia Alumni

Alumni Awards

Each year, Arcadia University alumni are recognized for outstanding achievements and contributions in their profession, their community, their classes, and their alma mater. The Alumni Association presents its annual awards each year during Alumni Reunion Week.

2021 Alumni Association Award Recipients

Golden Disc for Distinguished Achievement

Phyllis Brody Taylor '63

Golden Disc for Distinguished Achievement

Brody Taylor has committed her whole life to fighting injustices in the U.S. and around the world. As a student of Beaver College in the early 1960s, Phyllis organized Freedom Rides, facing danger and uncertainty to advocate for Civil Rights.  She has worked professionally as a community organizer, a hospice nurse, a bereavement facilitator, and an advocate in correctional settings. Drawing from her own experiences as an inmate after peaceful protesting and as a survivor of assault, she became a correctional chaplain and a victim support specialist. Her justice work has taken her to Nicaragua as a founding member of Witness for Peace, the Soviet Union as part of a Journey of Compassions delegation, and across the United States as a Board Member of Amnesty International USA.

Phyllis has tirelessly worked as a justice leader for over sixty years and has made significant contributions to every community she has touched with her care.


Golden Disc for Meritorious Service

Susan Smyth Shenker '69

Golden Disc for Meritorious Service

Susan Smyth Shenker '69 is committed to ensuring equity in the student experience so that every qualified student receives the transformative experience that Arcadia University provides. As an alumna, she has volunteered and served her alma mater in many capacities as a former Trustee and as an engaged member of the Arcadia University Alumni Association. With more than four decades of consecutive giving, she is also a dedicated philanthropist with a personal commitment to supporting the students of Arcadia.  

Most recently, Susan served as the inaugural Chair of the Jones Poundstone Society in 2019 and currently serves as the society's Co-Chair. Because of Susan’s commitment to the Arcadia community and her personal involvement, we have seen a substantial increase in both annual leadership giving and participation at Arcadia. With Susan at the helm, in 2020, The Jones Poundstone Society raised over $443,000 on behalf of The Fund for Arcadia, from 144 participants, and Arcadia earned a Gold and Bronze Award from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). These two awards were a first for University Advancement at Arcadia University. 

Faculty and Staff Alumni Impact Award

Brian Eckenrode '97, '99M

Faculty and Staff Alumni Impact Award

Brian Eckenrode '97, '99M, is an Associate Professor of Physical Therapy at Arcadia University. He is the Hybrid DPT Program Director and Director of the Arcadia University Running Injury Clinic, and previously served as the coordinator of the Arcadia University Orthopaedic Residency Program. Dr. Eckenrode’s clinical focus in on the evaluation and treatment of orthopaedic and sports medicine injuries. Brian has published peer-reviewed research articles, written book chapters, and presented at national and international physical therapy professional meetings. He is currently serving on the Education Committee of the Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy of the APTA, having previously served on the Nominating Committee (2017- 2020) for the Academy. 

In addition to his professional recognition and commitment to Arcadia University, Brian is a model alumnus as an active leader in the Physical Therapy Alumni Association, a consistent philanthropist to the university, and a two-time member of the Knights of the Round Table for his engagement as a volunteer, attendee, and donor. 

Young Alumni Golden Disc for Distinguished Achievement

Lindsey Gingrich Mauldin '17M

Young Alumni Golden Disc for Distinguished Achievement

Lindsey Gingrich Mauldin earned her master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution studies in 2017, and has dedicated her career to public service and improving the lives of Pennsylvanians. 

As the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Lindsey oversaw the contact tracing unit for the state’s COVID-19 response. Since May 2020, Lindsey and her team have recruited, hired, and trained over 1,000 new public health professionals to be a part of the COVID-response. 

Mary Louise Armstrong Wolf Award

Margaret Lyons '12

Mary Louise Armstrong Wolf Award

Margaret Lyons '12 serves her alma mater as an active Alumni Asociation committee member, mentor, class representative (now Class Agent), and volunteer. She brings thoughtful energy to all she does for Arcadia University, always considering student needs, long-term impact, institutional health, and the opportunity for the University community to grow stronger. Margaret made her first gift to Arcadia in 2013 and has been a loyal donor ever since. 

Outside of Arcadia, she brings her talents and commitment to lifelong learning and development to her professional and personal life. Margaret is a lifelong Girl Scout and currently serves as a troop leader. She is dedicated to the education of girls and women and was chosen among Girl Scout leaders worldwide to attend a summit abroad and fulfill a special project focused on providing education programs to girls and young women. 

Sankofa Award

Aliyah Abraham '17

Sankofa Award

Aliyah Abraham '17 has contributed significantly to Arcadia University as a recent graduate, including the visioning and founding of the Black Alumni Association, bringing to life the Black Alumni Association’s Preview Travel Support Program which philanthropically supports Black student participation in attending one of Arcadia’s signature study away programs, and working to launch the University’s Knights for Nutrition food pantry.

Aliyah also serves on the Strategic Planning Committee of the Alumni Association Advisory Council and advocates for students and alumni alike on the University’s Justice-Equity-Diversity-and-Inclusion Commission. Aliyah is an active philanthropist, mentor, and leader who tirelessly shares her time, vision, and talent with the Arcadia community.

Class Reunion Awards

Class Agent Award

Linda Vandegrift '90, 07MEd

Class Agent Award

Linda Vandegrift '90, '17MEd has been an engaged and dedicated alumna. She has served on the Alumni Association and the Arcadia Board of Trustees and supported young alumni engagement initiatives during her tenure serving in those capacities. Most recently, she was a 2020 UKnightedTuesdsay Ambassador and took on the role of Class Agent to lead the class of 1990 engagement efforts in celebration of their 30th reunion. As the Class Agent, she developed meaningful touchpoints through newsletters and 1:1 engagement to help elevate the profile of reunion and class programming.

Harry G. Kuch Award for Young Alumni in Reunion

Gianna Lozzi Wolf '16

Harry G. Kuch Award for Young Alumni in Reunion

Gianna Lozzi Wolf '16 is the founder and owner of a South Philly theater company, Rawstreet Productions. While writing and producing numerous plays, she also founded a children’s theater program and received a Master's degree in Education. In addition to her leadership skills and achieving great recognition for her business methods, her colleagues recognize her ability to balance her success and selflessness. As a business leader, Gianna is passionate about the journey and enjoys what it takes to get there.  In 2020, Gianni was recognized as one of Arcadia University's 40 Under 40.

Outstanding Achievement Award

Susan C. Saxer '71

Outstanding Achievement Award

Susan C. Saxer '71 is a loyal and dedicated alumna known for her steadfast leadership, dedication, and service to Arcadia University. Susan has served the Alumni Association and her classmates in many capacities, most recently leading the Class of 1971's 50th Golden Reunion celebration. Susan's classmates recognize the significant creativity required to celebrate the 50th reunion virtually, and deeply appreciate her ability to galvanize the Class of 1971, implement strategic programming, and spearhead meaningful philanthropic opportunities in support of the University and its students.

Senior Golden Disc Award

Presented to a graduating senior at Commencement in recognition of his/her leadership skills and engagement in the campus community. The senior who receives this high honor, in the opinion of his/her classmates, faculty, administration and the Awards and Honors Committee, exemplifies the highest standards of leadership in activities that enhance the quality of student life and promotes the present and future welfare of Arcadia University. Through his/her activities, he/she demonstrates a lasting commitment and dedication to Arcadia University and inspires the respect and admiration of his/her classmates.


Throughout her undergraduate journey at Arcadia, Lashanna Bryant '21 has pursued diverse leadership opportunities and served as the Chancellor of Arcadia’s student government.  Lashanna has used her talent for writing as a Because Arcadia student blogger, a reader for Arcadia’s student literary magazine Quiddity, and a Career Peer Advisor.  As an Enrollment Management Ambassador, she also shared her experiences with students and families to encourage the next generation of students to choose Arcadia as their academic home. 

An English and Media and Communications major, Lashanna’s leadership and academic excellence went well beyond the boundaries of campus. As a Comcast NBC Editorial Production intern, Lashanna was honored with the Emma Bowen Foundation’s Storytelling Award for her video project “Realizing What’s Wrong: Mental Health in the Early 2000s,” which explored the importance of mental health in black families. 

Lashanna’s positivity, inclusivity, and genuine care for others and the University have made a lasting impact on her classmates and the Arcadia community.


2021 Senior Golden Disc Nominees

Haley Bibey '21
Zachary Fiss '21
Hanna Grove '21
Katherine Haines '21
Julisa Linton '21
Kelsey Mashinski '21

Jake McCrea '21
Maya Merriman '21
Jane Miller '21
Jasmin Ramirez '21
Kaede Rende '21

Anna Spaschak '21
Tyanna Taylor '21  
Marissa Tepper '21
Mark Trejo '21
Nicole Ulla '21

Past Senior Golden Disc Award Recipients

Lisa Wasser-Berlin '78
Janice Cavoto '91, '93M
Kerry Ann Costello Leraris '92, '94MEd
Geraldine Swan '92, '99M
Lee Heisman '93
Lisa McClain Byrne '94
Steven Dilworth '95, '98M
Shannon Zellner Davis '96
Tracy Reed '97
Kauna Kalenga Greene '98
TJ Tweddle Trzaskawka '98

Patricia Brennan-Green '98
Remilekun Ojumu '99
Heather Lindsley '00
Jennifer Bach Jones '01
Katie Gorman Salvo '02
Eileen Butkovic Cook '03
Breann Donnelly '04, '19MBA
Mark Adler '05
Amber LaJeunesse Silverberg '06
Dennis Balyeat Greene '07
Natalie Harris '08

Bryan Durfee '09
Stephen Neafsey '10
Daniel Phillips '11
Alisha Leu '12
Tanesha Waid '13
John Doherty '14
Danielle Maxson '16
Jessica Braun '17
Devon Miller '18
Camille Menns '19
Michael Costigan '20

Alumni Association Awards

Past Award Recipients

Golden Disc Award for Distinguished Achievement

Awarded to an alumna/us having graduated more than a decade ago, in recognition of significant accomplishments and outstanding achievements in their profession or community that greatly enhance the prestige of Arcadia University.

Roberta Paulhamus McKinney ’29
Rebecca H. Shriver ’33
Edith Schaeffer ’36
Carolyn Welch Betts ’37
Margaret Oldroyd Hyde ’38
Virginia Hamilton Lawless ’39
E. Jane Carlin ’40
Shirley Isacowitz Leviton ‘41
Bernice Wenzel Jeffrey ’42
L. Virginia VanDyke, M.D. ’42
Muriel Lair Happich ’44
Suzanne McLean Hilton ’45
Betsey Smith Bates ’46
Dorothy Germain Porter ’46
Dorothy Ingling MacConkey ‘47
Ruth Yearsley Williams ’48
Annette Eskind ’49
Jeanne B. Brockmann ’50

Patricia Smith, MD ’52
Janet Murray Albright ’55
Virginia MacQueen Ford ’56
Alma Alabilikian ’58
Katharine Lanning Winters ’58
Sara E. Stambaugh, Ph.D ’59
Kay WalkingStick ’59, '11H
Carol Magdalene Elkins ’60
Gilda Rorro Baldasarri ’62
Barbara Starks Favazza ’62
Adeline Gordon Levine ’62
Carol Rogoff Hallstrom ’63
Diane Leenheer Zimmerman ’63
Brooke Maury Dojny ’65
Beverly Booth ’66
Julianne Mamana Boyd ’66
Sharon Foyto Smith '67
Susan Ginsberg Berk ’69

Lynn Kressel ’70
Gertrude Coxe '71
Jane Rosenberg Porter ’71
Susan C. Saxer ’71
Anna Deavere Smith ’71, '93H
Arlene Weissman ’71
Julie B. Houston ’73
Susan Savage ’74
James P. Capolupo '76M
Joseph P. Archie ’77
M. Emily Perkins Capella '77
Walter Hellendall ’77
Linda Stojak ’78
Mary Beth Long Miele ’78
Susan Jackson Tressider '84, '90M
Adam Denish ’89
Kristin Weissman '98

Golden Disc Award for Meritorious Service

Awarded to an alumna/us having graduated more than a decade ago, in recognition of outstanding volunteer leadership service to Arcadia University through its Alumni Association and/or Board of Trustees. Such contributions exceed all expectations of a loyal Arcadia alumna/us. Recipients must also have a record of consistent participation in The Fund for Arcadia or other philanthropic designations at the University.


Laura Lind McKee ’15
Ethlyn Selner Mack ’18
Polly Menna Geldi ’33
Eleanor Martin Germond ’35
Ethel Roeger Schmuhl ’35
Joan Bosquett Scott ’35*
Dorothy Korell Shisler ’35
Mary Louise Armstrong Wolf ’36
Elizabeth Eayre Brown ’38
Maude Manogue Farran ’38
Barbara Fleck Stitzinger ’38
Frances H. Lewis  ’39**
Ethel Cunningham McClintock ’39
Edna Purvis Nelson ’41
Dorothy Haupt Lampe ’42
Kathryn Darby ’44
Lois Hinlein Hirsch ’45
Patricia S. Carnahan ’47
Jean Stahl Noble ’47
Nancy B. Crosson ’48

Ann Schroter Bechtel ’50
Virginia Fulmer Haist ’51
Priscilla French Curry ’52
Marjorie Darling ‘82***
Beverly Rappaport Goldberg ’53
Betsy Lundquist ’54
Marilyn Sunners Cranin ’54
Eleanor Murphy Workman ’54
Patricia Darling Kile ’56
Rosemary Deniken Blankley ’57, '06H
Jean Stout Fletcher ’57
Edith Hall Neal ’57
Patricia Fletcher Lyford ’58
Mary Lou Bratt Mees ’59
Faye Senneca ’59
Marianna Harder Peckmann ’60
Elizabeth Holton Weiss ’60
Lyanne Lindo Wassermann '61
Carol Hallstrom ‘63
Janet Preston Frisch ’65

Babette Senker Krug ’68, '81M
Allison Rossett '68
Madeline Johnson Stein '68
Susan Smyth Shenker ’69
Joycellen Young Auritt ’71
Lois Haber ’71, '16H
Susan Saxer '71
Ellen August-Templeton '78, '85M
Nancy Harris Wright ’78
Margaret Wright Steele ’80
Audrey O. Reynolds ’85
Laura Fisher Korman ’89
Linda Vandegrift Gazzillo ’90
Arthur (Ozzie) Berger ’91
Karen Rossi Brager ’91
Kerry Costello-Leraris ’92, '94M
William A. Meiers ’93M,’96M
Joan Nadler Brantz '65
**Special Award
***Honorary Alumna

Young Alumni Golden Disc Award for Distinguished Achievement

Awarded to an alumna/us having graduated within the last decade, in recognition of significant accomplishments and outstanding achievements in their profession or community that greatly enhances the prestige of Arcadia University.

Adam Denish ’89
Jeff Abramowitz ’90
Jeff Weidner ’90
Lisa Chandler ’91
Amy Meyers Eveleth ’96

Jodee Fortner ’97, ’99M
Dr. Janel Boyce Rustay ’99
Christopher Ubbins ’01
Rebecca Goldstone ’01
Jamie Bradford '09, '12DPT

Nathan Hayward '06, '09MBA
Sara Accardi ’07
Heather Mazzanti McKiernan '07M
Meghann Ryan ’07M
Jessica Cuttic '13M
Francine Sabino Abel '11

Sankofa Award for Distinguished Achievement

Awarded by the Black Alumni Association of Arcadia University


Presented to an alumnus/a of African-American/African diaspora descent who exemplifies the spirit of Sankofa. This award will be presented to a deserving graduate in recognition of their significant professional accomplishments, as well the contributions they have made in mentoring and social justice activism in the African American/African diaspora community, which greatly enhance the prestige of Arcadia University. 


Candace L. Griffin '13M
Octavius LaVon Blount '15
Zyhkeya Waller-Young '99

Faculty and Staff Alumni Impact Award

Awarded to an Arcadia University or Beaver College graduate who is a current, retired, or emeritus member of the Arcadia faculty or staff, in recognition of their contributions to student success and their demonstration of the University’s lived values of adaptability, excellence, fearlessness, integrity, intellectual freedom, justice, respect, and responsibility. Recipients have made a significant and lasting impact on the Arcadia community that has nurtured future alumni leaders, advanced the University’s mission, and greatly enhanced the prestige of the University.


Michele Reale '96, '99M, '16M

Mary Louise Armstrong Wolf Award

Awarded to an alumna/us having been graduated more than five years ago, in memory of Mary Louise Armstrong Wolf ’36, who dedicated herself to both her University and her community. It is presented to an alumna/us in recognition of outstanding volunteer service to Arcadia University through Alumni Association committee work and/or work as a Class Officer. Recipients must also have a record of consistent participation in The Fund for Arcadia or other philanthropic designations at the University.

Elizabeth Dunlap Broshart ’34
Helen Geller Deich ’34
Lillian S. Rankin ‘34
Wilma Haack Fowler ’35
Alberta Gladeck ’37
Ruth Clara Grant ’37
Reba Eighmey ’38
Eleanor McGlaughlin ’38
Ethel Moore Tripple ’40
Dorothy Patten Zaiser ’40
Jessie Severe Robson ’40
Marian Garrison ’40
W. Anita Schwitters Schroeder ’41
Jean Stewart Clutsam ’42
Jane Stahl Noble ’47
Babette Cranston ‘48
Jane Skinner Haines ’48
Marian Wolfinger Burdick ’49
Bette Heavener Hottenstein ’49
Margaret Srinkle Yearsley ’49
Barbara Hinchcliffe Russell ’50
Anna Laura Neidert Thompson ’50
Shirley Musson Brower ’51
Betty Tomlinson Lebegern ’51
Patricia Rittenhouse ’51
Lillian Howarth Pagano ’52
Joan Bachman ’53
Joanne C. Romano ’54
Peg Johnson Sutor ‘54
Carol W. Young ’54
Elsa-Lu Greenblatt Berkowitz ’55
Joan Peppelman Clougherty '55
Martha-Lee Taggart Sunderman ’55
Harriet Swoyer Horner Baisch ’56
Ruth Denker Campopiano ’56
Patricia Darling Kile ’56
Nora Hegedus Sztaray ’56
Rosemary Deniken Blankley ’57, '06H
Emma Jane Murphy Burns ’57

Eleanore Perrine Cox ’57
Jean Stout Fletcher ’57
Shirley Renninger Cressman ’58
Joan Ottaway Gurniak ’58
Shirley Kern Streeter ’58
Loli Jaeger Lindstrom ‘59
Lillie Ludman ’59
Mary Lou Pickell Nelson ‘59
Faye Senneca ’59
Nory Berman Block ’60
Barbara (Bobbie) Steffa Clayton ’60
Marianna Harder Peckman ’60
Elizabeth Holton Weiss ’60
Suzanne Decker Fenimore ’61
Eva Oehrle Fronk ‘61
Ann Simonin Grebe ‘61
Lynn Kronenberg Berman ’62
Wilma Maxwell Gray '62
Joyce Barr ‘63
Merle Arbogast Chorba '63
Barbara Weathers Johns ’64
Margaret A. Lees ’64
Linda Mann ‘64
Susan Patt Mountz ‘64
Judy Vasile ’64
Pelley Sablove Brown '65
Doreen Booth Faulkner '55
Carol Manikin ’65
Carol Toner Shane ’65
Tina Talarico Brick ’67
Elisabeth Mackerell Ruch ’67
Thora T. Easton ‘68
Babette Senker Krug ’68, '81M
Anne Pilert ’68
Madeline Johnson Stein ’68
Heather Fleming Tucker ’68
Susan Rodgers Fleming ’69
Susan Smyth Shenker ’69
Sandra McCall ’70

Madelyn Waxman Lesure ’71
Elsa Larsen Vernon ’71
Pamela Martin-Molina ’73
Monique Miller '73
Marie Duke Murphy ’73
Janet St. Amand ‘75
Karen Schwartz Scheiner ’76
Rachel Bogatin '77
Mary Beth Hadley ’77
Maryalice Mazzara, Ed.D. ’77
Ellen August Booth ’78, '85M
Cheryl Wilks Scherbner ’78
Andrew Burdan ’81
Marilyn Rose ’83
Brigid Gallagher ’84 ’86 M
Paul Van Thuyne ’84 MSPT
Paul Schleich ’85
Eunice Wick ’86
Jenny Connolly ’87
Kathleen Griffin Hilty ’87
David Forbes ‘88
Robert Jacobs ’88
Kimberly Sterner ’88
Alice Jacobs ‘89
Laura Fisher Korman ’89
Lisa Pergolizzi-Brock ’90
Linda Vandegrift ’90
Karen Rossi ’91
Arthur (Ozzie) Berger ’91
Donna Segner Levan ’93, '95M, '03DPT
William Meiers ’93M, ’96M
Joseph Rodriguez ’94
Chritine Thomas Hewitt ’95
Arlene DeLeon ’97, ’05 M
TaraJean Tweddle Trzaskawka ’98
Donelle Brotz ’01, ’05M
David Paone '04, '09MEd
Meghan Makar '07
Maya Basu Johnson '97

Class Officer Award

Awarded to class officers during years in which their class celebrates a milestone reunion (every five years) in recognition of consistent dedication and service to Arcadia University on behalf of their class. Recipients are nominated by their classmates in appreciation of their thoughtful and creative efforts to both bring their classmates together and encourage continuous loyalty to their alma mater. Recipients must also have a record of consistent participation in The Fund for Arcadia or other philanthropic designations at the University, and cannot have previously received the Mary Louise Armstrong Wolf or Golden Disc Awards.

Wilma Haack Fowler ’35
Alberta Gladeck ’37
Ruth Grant ’37
Eugenia Rothwell Gray ’38
Eleanor Teague McGlaughlin ’38
Marjorie Groves Schweitzer ’38
Marion Garrison ’40
Virginia McGinnes Mullinix ’40
Jessie Severe Robson ’40
Ruth Hill Thomson ’40
Helen Campbell Ames ’41
Edna Nelson ’41
Harriet Wendell ’41
Marjorie Aldrich Bowers ’42
Mary Berlin Benjamin ’43
Virginia Henson Mechling ’43
Marjorie Williams Purcell ’43
Elizabeth Hartey Magagna ’44
Babette L. Cranston ’48
Carol Ranger ‘48
Betty Hottenstein ’49
Margaret Yearsley ’49
Barbara Bronson Danziger ’50
Jeanne Bertolet Steinruck ’50
Anna Laura Neidert Thompson ’50
Jane Hellyer Vasile ’50
Virginia (Ginny) Haist ’51
Lucille LaMorgesse Downs ’52
Barbara Jones Earle ’52
Nancy Parke ’52
Joan Heil Prall ’52
Megan Helffrich Steinmetz ’53
Rosemary Steunenberg-Laporte ’53
Sally Felton Butterworth ’54
Ruth Weber High ’54
Loretta Parker Liljestrand ‘54
Paula Berrino Livingston ’54
Nancy Banks Mills ‘54
Margaret Johnson Sutor ’54
Joan Christopher Aliotta ’55
Elsa-Lu Greenblatt Berkowitz ’55
Joan Peppleman Clougherty ’55

Leah Kresge ’55
Ann Cornell Swalm ’55
Harriet Baisch ’56
Elinor Towell Chevalier ’56
Montana Kresge Pratt ’56
Emma Jane Burns ’57
Shirley Radcliff Momiyama ’57
Edith Hall Neal ’57
Freda Friz Schopfer ’57
Clementine Klein Brodsky ’58
Barbara Jones Sibley ’58
Jane Lewis Grove '59
Lolita Jaeger Lindstrom ’59
Shirley Canning Scatcherd ’59
Doris Bock Worts '59
Ann Grebe ’61
Suzanne Decker Fenimore ’61
Eva Oehrle Fronk ’61
Ann Simonin Grebe ’61
Anne Willis Newman ’61
Lynn Kronenberg Berman ’62
Janet Copeland Zinman ’62
Diane Actman ‘63
Gail Nazzaro Biggs ’63
Merle Chorba ’63
Barbara Weathers Johns ’64
Elizabeth Weathers Kaspar ’64
Bonnie McDowell Lasky ‘54
Margaret Lees ’64
Linda Mann ’64
Judy McCarthy Gielow ’65
Carol Ibbotson Manikin ’65
Carol Toner Shane ’65
Gail Agerton ‘67
Charlotte A. Ehlig ’68
Linda J. Marple ’68
Barbara Kelly Breeden '69
Helen Bosley ‘69
Christina Hill Connell ‘69

Emily Solomon Farrell '69
Cheryl Hopkins Damico ’70
Arlene Johnston ’72
Agnes Slevin Mauro ’73
Mary Pacioni Alderfer ’73
Pamela Bilyieu Coombs ’77
Vernita Parris ’78
Fay Fastige Ferguson '79
Patricia Mayr Moore ’79
Georgia Crozier ’80
Merri Bender Brown ’81
David Eatough ’84
Bonnie Goldblum Fiorentino ’87
Jennifer Cook Raposelli ’87
Kevin G. Shollenberger ‘88
Jill Buchbinder ’90
Linda Helbig Coceano '93
Frank Daiutolo ‘93
Karen Woodeschick Orkin ’96
Jonathan Greskiewicz '99
Tricia Kershner Luddecke ’00
Amanda Schorle ’01
Corinne Royer Greskiewicz ’02
Megan Corcoran ’06
Amber LaJeunesse Silverberg ’06
Kevin Hughes '07
Anthony Champi ‘09
Barry Hendler '09
Robert Migliaccio '13
Molly Fretz Stevens ’60 
April Klarman Apfelbaum ’70
Patricia Pisklak Lucas ’75
Linda Collier Strickland ’75
Nancy McSherry-Collins ’80
Andrew Leschak ’85
Kathleen O’Connor O’Brien ’00
Grace Wainwright Taylor ’10, ’18M

University Alumni Awards

Athletic Hall of Fame

The Arcadia University Athletic Hall of Fame recognizes student-athletes, teams, coaches, staff, administrators, and faculty who excelled on the field of play, helped foster the continued success of student-athletes, or made an indelible mark on the Department of Athletics.

Past Hall of Fame Inductees

Gillem-Bartoli Alum Award for Contributions to Social Justice

Presented by the Counseling program, this award was created to honor the work of Dr. Eleonora Bartoli, professor of Psychology, and Dr. Angela Gillem, professor emerita of Psychology. The award recognizes alumni who have advanced social justice through their work and practice.


Dr. Radhika Sehgal '99M
Dr. Kristen Bertsch '07M