Arcadia 2025 Adaptive Strategy

Theme Four Strategic Goal #4: Investing in People and Infrastructure

Revised September 8, 2020

Objective #1:

Establish a High-Performance Culture

Attract, motivate, develop, and retain highly talented and diverse faculty and staff to deliver exceptional results.


  • Develop job descriptions and quality indicators
  • Design a compensation philosophy aligned with the University’s Lived Values
  • Build a multi-year financial plan to responsibly guide implementation
  • Create a performance management program to inculcate Lived Values, promote engagement, and develop all faculty and staff to deliver exceptional results


  • Compensation benchmarks
  • Performance management participation rate
  • Faculty and staff retention rate
  • Professional development participation and offerings


12- 36 months


Objective #2:

Develop a Campus Master Plan

Assess and leverage ways in which the priorities of the adaptive strategy may be best supported through physical structures and campus layout.


  • Create a living, actionable, experience-focused plan for the physical future of Arcadia’s campuses
  • Engage the community in a highly interactive, inclusive, and thoughtful design process
  • Develop a funding framework, a long-range plan for resourcing, and a capital project prioritization matrix


  • Participation and cross-sectional nature of community involvement in the design process
  • Utilization rates for the classroom, housing, recreational, and office space
  • Utility usage rates
  • Capital project prioritization ratings (matrix)


9-12 months