Graduate Admission Policies

Deferred Admission

Students admitted to the doctoral programs in Education or Physical Therapy or master’s programs in Business Administration, Forensic Science, Genetic Counseling, International Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Medical Science (Physician Assistant) who want to defer their admission for one year must submit their request to do so in writing to the program director. Deferrals will be granted by each department on an individual basis. Once the deferral is granted, students must submit the required deposit to reserve their seat in the class. This deposit will be credited toward tuition. Students who are granted a deferral must understand that they will be subject to the prevailing tuition when they join the program. If any conditions were assigned to the deferred admission, those conditions must be met in order to begin the program. Students in all other graduate programs are expected to notify the Office of Enrollment Management if they do not plan to begin coursework immediately after acceptance. This should be done in writing or via e-mail

Conditional Admission

In some instances, an applicant who does not fulfill admissions requirements, or who has undergraduate deficiencies in the area of specialization for the degree, may be admitted conditionally. In such cases, the admissions committees determine the conditions to be fulfilled before the applicant may be reconsidered for admission. It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the College of Graduate Studies when the conditions have been met.

Conditional admission is not permitted in the following programs: doctoral degree in Physical Therapy; master’s degrees in Forensic Science, Genetic Counseling, International Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Medical Science (Physician Assistant).


A student who has withdrawn from a program for personal reasons (that is, other than dismissal for academic or ethical/professional reasons) may reapply within two years of that withdrawal by sending a letter requesting reinstatement to the Dean of Graduate Studies. The Dean will forward that request to the appropriate departmental admissions committee, which will communicate its decision to the student. In some cases, a student may be asked to submit materials updating the original application, including documentation of any additional academic work. If the withdrawal was granted contingent upon some action(s) on the part of the student, the student also will be required to demonstrate that the recommended steps have been taken. If more than two years have elapsed, the student must reapply by submitting a complete application to the Office of Enrollment Management.