The Value of an Arcadia Degree

An Investment in Your Future

A college degree is an investment in your future. Median Earnings of full-time workers by education level and occupation bear that out. (Source: The College Board, Education Pays 2016).

The World is Your Classroom

It’s about more than money, though, it’s about what the Arcadia Promise can do for you, from the opportunity to conduct ground-breaking research with your professors, to forging connections throughout the globe, the World Is Your Classroom.  In fact, Arcadia graduates from the class of 2016 earned credits in more than 36 different countries while enrolled.  The best part is, when you study abroad through any full-time, approved undergraduate Arcadia College of Global Studies program during the fall or spring semesters, you typically pay the same tuition, fees and housing costs as you would to live on the Glenside campus and all of your financial aid (except work study) is applied toward those costs.  

Personal Attention

Get the personal attention you deserve. You’ll be assigned a personal admissions and financial aid counselor to guide you through the process, not to mention a designated faculty advisor to assist you as you progress through your academic program.

The Office of Career Education provides you access to a wealth of information including: major and career self-assessment, internship networks, networking and mentor opportunities, and career planning information and resources.

Facts and Figures

  • 99% of full-time undergraduate students at Arcadia received financial aid
  • 98% received institutional grant/scholarship aid
  • Putting our money where our mouth is:  We awarded over $51m in Arcadia grants/scholarships to our full-time undergraduates this year.
  • Learn more about who employed our class of 2016 graduates, as well as some of the graduate schools they attended here

Outcomes data is based upon a 89% response/knowledge rate of undergraduate class.