Academic Advising for Undergraduate Students

The Academic Advisers primarily work with undeclared students, however, they provide general advising and curriculum assistance to all undergraduate students as well as to faculty. As an undergraduate, you can contact one of the Academic Advisers with specific questions about Arcadia’s unique curriculum. Our Advisers also:

  • Meet individually with students who are in academic difficulty, including those with a “J” grade at six weeks.
  • Assist students individually with the transition from high school to college, organization skills, and with becoming proactive and engaged in the advising process.
  • Assist faculty and staff with concerns and questions about students' academics.
Bruce R. Keller

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Academic Procedures, Course Overload Petitions, Placement Exams, Academic Standing

Kay N. Greene

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Fall FYSAE, Vira I. Heinz Program for Women in Global Leadership, Title IV SAP Appeal Committee

Angela S. McNeil

Program Director, ACT 101

Gateway/Act101 Counselor, Gateway Summer Program, Learning Strategies Course Instructor

Cristina Cintron-Marsh

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies

Gateway Adviser, Gateway Summer Program, Learning Strategies Course Instructor