Writing Center

Writing Center COVID-19 Continuity Plans

In light of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the Writing Center has enacted the following continuity plans:

  • All Writing Center appointments will be conducted online until further notice. Face-to-face Writing Center appointments previously scheduled to take place in the Landman Library have been converted to online appointments.
  • Until further notice, sessions are by appointment only and must be scheduled at least three (3) hours in advance.
  • New appointments can still be scheduled by logging into arcadia.mywconline.com. Choose the "F2F-Landman Library (Temp. Online)" schedule when logging in.
    • NOTE: Programs which use our existing online schedule (Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant) will experience no change in process and should continue to use the schedule and instructions typically provided to them.
  • To access online sessions:
    • Log in to arcadia.mywconline.com, and click on the designated appointment about 5-10 minutes before the session begins.
    • In the appointment window, click "Start or Join Online Consultation” to be taken to the online consulting space.
    • See the brief instructional video below for more guidance on scheduling an online session and/or setting up an account:

Helpful Tips:
  • webcam, microphone and a broadband connection allows us to conduct sessions through videoconference. However, these are not required in order to have an online session; sessions can be conducted through chat using the system, and by phone or email if necessary.
  •  If you are working with a draft, you can upload the draft directly to the system once you’ve joined the session. You can also attach your draft to an appointment in advance, if you’d prefer (see instructional video above for details).
  • Your consultant can still work with you on brainstorming or pre-writing (generating ideas, understanding the assignment) in an online session. Just be sure to indicate this when scheduling your appointment.
  • If you experience login problems and/or issues with the online system, please email writingcenter@arcadia.edu, and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible

What We Do

The Writing Center provides Arcadia University students, faculty and staff with one-on-one, collaborative guidance on their writing. We work with writers in all disciplines and majors on any assignment and at any stage of the writing process. Through open-ended discussion, writing, and sharing, we help writers to better understand the decisions they make in their writing and to adapt responsibly to a wide variety of writing across the disciplines.

Consultants are faculty-nominated and trained to facilitate critical thinking and discussion about writing. Consultants have also received additional training in working with English language learners, multi-lingual learners, and graduate-level writing assignments. We help writers to:

  • Determine audience and purpose for assignments
  • Brainstorm/generate ideas for writing
  • Develop ideas clearly and fully
  • Determine an organization that best suits an audience and purpose
  • Refine and sharpen focus and claims
  • Critically evaluate and responsibly integrate the voices of other writers into their own writing
  • Discover proof-reading strategies that will help them to turn in their best work

Make An Appointment

To make an appointment:

  • Make an appointment online at our scheduling site.
  • Email writingcenter@arcadia.edu (a consultant will e-mail you to confirm your appointment once it is officially scheduled).
  • Drop by the Writing Center (Landman Library, Lower Level)
  • Call 215-572-4051

All consultations will be held in the Writing Center (Lower Level of Landman Library). Please bring your assignment sheet, notes, and (if any) all drafts of your paper. You should come prepared to discuss your paper, take notes, and write. Appointments are highly recommended, as the Writing Center experiences high volume at several points throughout each semester.