Career Education Frequently Asked Questions

What does Career Education really do?

We support and empower all students and alumni in connecting their Arcadia University education to their career of choice. We teach students and graduates the skills necessary to market themselves to employers and graduate programs, as well as utilize resources that aid in the process of searching and applying for internships, jobs, graduate schools.

I’m having difficulty deciding my major. Can Career Education help me identify what I can do with my major?

Absolutely! Choosing a major is not an easy decision and requires both knowledge of self and a variety of career paths. Through online assessments and additional resources we can help you identify your personality preferences, abilities, and interests that may provide some insight into areas of future study.

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Does Career Education help me connect with professionals in my major?

From workshops to one-on-one counseling, we provide a range of resources to help you network with professionals in careers you may be considering. We'll also help you identify internship or work opportunities that allow you a chance to “try on” a particular profession.

Does the Office of Career Education offer job placement?

No, our philosophy is to assist students and alumni in developing a plan for professional employment and honing those skills for the first job search and beyond.

When should I start looking for a job or internship?

Typically, it will take anywhere from two to six months for you to receive a job offer. Therefore, if your goal is to start your job or internship in May, you should begin your search in the early fall. Many organizations begin their hiring process for recent graduates as early as September.

How do I go about finding an internship?

Start with our online resources such as Handshake. Our staff can assist students in clarifying goals, developing internship search strategies, and providing insights on application materials.

Do you have a listing of employers who hire students from Arcadia with my major?

We have a growing list of contacts within organizations available through Handshake. We can guide students through the process of networking effectively. Additionally, we can work to assist students in connecting with alumni to further help students build a network of support.

How do I find out what jobs or internships are listed through your office?

Every day, Career Education receives numerous job and internship postings from employers. All of these opportunities are made available online through Handshake. You can set up saved searches on Handshake and receive notifications of new positions by email.