Alumni Career Mentor Program for Students

The Office of Career Education, in partnership with Alumni Relations and the Honors Program, offers you the opportunity to have an alumni mentor for the duration of your time at Arcadia University. 

Why Mentoring?

A mentor-mentee relationship is invaluable; a more experienced individual willing to share their professional know-how and personal skills with an "exploring" pre-professional can greatly contribute to one’s career growth and development. A trusted alumni mentor can offer you insights, advice, help you expand your areas of interest, and help you build professional contacts. Additionally, Arcadia alumni remember what it was like to be a student and can offer a unique perspective as someone who has been down a similar path.

Who Can Receive a Mentor?

The Career Mentor Program is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are 18 years of age or older.

How Does the Mentoring Process Work?

Mentors and mentees will have the freedom to make the relationship work organically, whether through in-person meetings, email exchanges, Skype or phone chats. Additionally, mentors and mentees will be invited to events on campus together throughout the academic year. Students are encouraged to use professional creativity when arranging meetings with your mentor. Consider connecting at a local coffee shop, park, or unique venue. Doing so will allow you to engage with one another naturally and eliminate the boundaries of a formal setting.

When Can I Sign Up?

Students may request a mentor through Arcadia's online career hub, Handshake.  Mentors and mentees will be invited to attend a Career Mentor Meet and Great to meet in person and learn more about the mentoring process. 

Questions?  Contact Cynthia Nichols in the Office of Career Education.